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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, March 23, 1917"

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V w 

Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committie Ktaghts of Pythias N. A., S. A., E. A. A. & A, 

V©I^ V. NO. 49 

9T. UMJK, Bia, fflilAY, MARCH 23 1W7. 



Manufacturer* and Large Corporations See Not Only Honest, 
But Loyal Laborer. In The Negro. Many Places Heretofore 
Cloaed, Are Now Open To Member* Of The Race. 


Thro* Thousand Men Wanted In Si. Louie Brick Yard*. Even* 
& Howard, Laclede-Chritty and Blaekmer & Post Among: 
Tkoee Employing Largest Number. 

As the war cloud hovers over this 
country and the strike situation threat 
ens to disrupt or paralyze the industries 
of the land the opportunities for the 
Negro to labor and make an honest 
living have greatcly im ear"il in the 
North and West. 

The war has called many laboren 
back to their "father lands," where 
the trenches are furnishing them with 
all the work they are able to do. while 
the strikes are causing many to lav 
down their tool* and tbay have nevei 
been able to pick them up again. 

An Alga* investigator h»s inter- 
viewed the heads of * number of llnnt 
who are not employing "Colored labor 
and when asked why, the answer ha> 
been that Negro labor ws* not reliabli 

enough to depend upon (a sad .indict 
meet). One man said, "Our plant 
must run, we most havo reliable help 
study help, labor that will be us th< 
job regularly." The investigator rend 
ify saw the impression he was labor 

ing under. In another case, one of the 
employers said his firm had been em 
ploying Colored help about * year and 
had found, them more agreeable .and 
bitter workers, and really worked -fa 
the company 's advantage, more than 
any other labor they had ever em- 
ployed. He said, "They give an hon- 
est day's work fur an honest day's pay 
and do It cheerfully." . 


Those who may be employed in thest 
pilots .will, have the opportunity ol 
rendering everlasting service, not only 
to themselves, but to the entire race 
bv steady and punctual service. 

Colored men from the South will havi 
no trouble in finding work in St. Louis 
The brick yards and other in.dufltrii.-i 
need today nearly three' thousand men 
They are offering good wages and fa 
vorable working conditions. Laclede 
Christy,' Evans-Howard and' Blnekmoi 
and Post are the companies employing 
the largest number uf Colored laborers 

American Theatre 
Charging Negroes 
Exorbitant Prices 

The annual, theatrical ''shake dowp' 
of St. Louis theatergoer* is 'taking 
-place at the American Theater this 
. week. Colored "patrons are paying cx- 
orttttant prices for inferior seats to 
witncus." a produefton by "the Smart 
Set." Although the advance advertis 
ing statedthat "usual prices." would 
prevail, the Negroes are being charged 
33, SO, 75 cents and II for balcony 
scats, while the whites are enjoying 
the privilege of the entire first Hoot 
at SO cents per seat and the boxes at 
7S cents. A conspicuous sign in the 
lobby proclaim* thi* discrimination 
Although numeroufl complaints bsv, 
been heard, hundreds have submitted 
to the outrage and the managers will 
glory in a profitable week 's busines? 
made off tbe "fall guys." 

Then was a time in the past when. 
Negroes could be excused for paying 
the extra premium because of the rar 
ity of Colored shows, but in these dayi 
of continuous vaudeville at moderate 
price*, there is no excuse to offer. 
' 1: is op to the theater patroos. Si- 
long as. they permit themselves to be 
robbed by unscrupulous . money grab 
bers, .just ao long may they expect to 
be the victims of the graft. 



Thil is the season when men are 
thinking about sacrifices and ..very ap- 
propriately the 7. U. C. A. Is calling 
upon all of. its friend* and subscribers 
In make a great supreme sacrifice, in 
order that the ground for the new 
building may be broken in April. 

A great Mass Meeting which is to 
be the culmination of the effort on the 
part of the teams will take place Sun- 
day, April 1, at 4:00 p. la. Metropoli- 
tan A. M. E. Zion Church, corner Garri- 
son and Lucas, will be the place of the 
meeting. An unusually strong program 
has been arranged. Address' will be 
made by Dr. Walter Scott Chinn, of 
New Orleans. A word from the cap: 
lains who have been working so faith- 
fully will be a part uf tbe program. A 
large picture of the proposed new build- 
ing wjll be on hand for exhibition and 
■tide* showing the details of each floor 
of the new buildlisg' will be exhibited. 
A string-quartette will furnish- music 
for the occasion and Mr. Chas. Bull, 
the St. Louts famous chorister, will 
lead the singing. " 

The teams will report on that day 
d it i* .hoped that by the lime the 
■mi have finished reporting, (W.OOCi 
11 have been reached. 




Sprlngfleld. I1L, March 23.— Motloi 
pictures which show lynching* or hang 
ings nr which tend to Incite a race 
prejudice, are barred by the terms of 
* bill passed by the Boose today and 
sent to the Senate. The measure was 
introduced by Represent alive Robert R. 
Jackson, of Chicago, one of. the Negro 
member* *f the General Assembly. 

The snnts bill was passed by' the 
Honse ifo years irgo; bat was defeated 
in the Senate. 

If it become* a law it will prohibit 
the shostine in Illinois.- of sorh pictures. 
>■ "The Birth of * Nation." 

PULLMAN poetexs 

Invitatioas for the Benevolent Or- 
der Pullman Porter*' Baaqoet, Tneaday, 
April 1C can ha had at cTlla Lacked* 
Ave. Qsorf* J. Alexander. Bee.'y. - 

The Punnet Conference of the A. H 
E. Zioi Charah St. Louis District con. 
resc** at St. Marks Chores, Beraard 
and LemngweU Street*, Tuesday . afarel 
IT, WIT. The psssstlag elder, lev. S 
p. Davis, stated that he expected e 
larre atteadaa-e. Rev. P. "W. Aiatark 

drs-re ■■: iivil 

all e*a 


is preparing 

The St. Loul* Branch 
to entertain the St. Louis District C 
ference of the National Aiaociat 
for the Advancement of Colored Pea 
ple.-which com prise* the following cit 
ies: East, St. Louis, Alton, Cairo, Car 
hondalf^T Jacksonville, Uoamd* anc 
ymrn-ij 111 Delegate* from each placi 
have blent invited.' .Mr. J. W. Johnson 
the a/wry- elected field secretary, wh* 
was formerly in the diplomatic *erv 
tee, a very able man and a *plendj< 
speaker; aad Mr.- Boy-Naih, oar n> 
tiosal secretary, are expected (O U 
with us. Watch lb* papers for dat< 
aad place. There will be. morning am. 
eveainf aeaataa*. - Blare the asaocla 
is striving to hive a* phyieally 
free from peonage', mentally free fro* 
ignorance, politically free, from die- 
rrasehmessen! aad socially free fron- 
insult, it in the doty Of every liberty 
loviaf citiien to attend each 
We shall have interesting ] 
with interesting speakers. Problem I 

haiaatioa at oar' osra door will 
be dsMaaaed: thea* are of vitsd i=trrc»< 

ick eLliaea. We are pluuiiag ti 
hav* the asset, iatecsat lug eaafereBU 
era held ia *>y pan. of the country 


Denies TrylEg to Disrupt Order 
Open letter to Editor of Fraternal 
Clarion, Challenging him to Publish 
Other Side of the Controversy. 

The sheriff served summon* on A. 
W. Lloyd, Grand Chancellor. .of the 
Knight* of Pythias, of Missouri, in two 
case* brought to try the title to bi* 
office.' The writs are returnable Mon- 
day, March 26, at 10 o'clock a. m. be- 
fore Judge* Hennlag and Qarescbe. 
The suits run in the name, of the Stile 
of Missouri and are brought at thejs- 
lallon of William C. Huoston anil W. 
E. Osborne. Attorney Geo. L, Vhughn 
represents the relators. 

The action is what is known as a 
quo warranto proceeding* and ia 
brought against the defendant to de- 
termine whether or not his election by 
tbe Grand Lodge last July wax valid. 
Mr. Hueston claim* to "be entitled to 
the office of Grand Chancellor. 

The ijuestiao involved in these suits 
ha* agitated Pythian circle* since the 
last Grand Lodge and suit was brought 
in Kansas City some months ago to try 
too title to all of the offices of the 
Grand Lodge, but it was dismissed at 
the stipulation of the parties. The 
Fraternal Clarion, in its last issue, 
accused the leader* in the movement 
of trying to disrupt the Order and 
charged them with being bolters. The 
following open letter was sent to tho 
Fraternal Clarion by Atty. Geo. L. 
Vaughn this week and purports to set 
forth the other side of the controversy^ 

Mr. C. K. Robinson, 

Editor of the Fraternal Clarion. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Dear Sir: 

' In the last issue of your paper yon 
took occasion, under glaring headline*, 
to denounce those who arc striving to 
uphold the constitution and Ian* of the 
Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias of 
Missouri as bolters, and to charge 
thorn with plotting to disrupt the Order. 
In the' article Mr. W. E, Osborne and 
myself are especially referred to. Be 
fair enough, therefore, to gjve our side 
■ hearing and the same prominent place 
(although not the. same space) as was 
given to yout article. 

I propose to Mote only such facts as 
tn he pro veil by the records in this 

For In consecutive years Aaron W 
Lloyd has "been Grand Chancellor o 
the Knights of Pythias of Missouri, tin 
last three of which have been served 
from and aft L . r the 1913 session .of the 
flrnnd Lodge, which wa* held at Kansas 
City, Missouri, 

At tho 1913 session of (ho Grand 
Lodge the constitution was amended 
by adding thereto the [.resent section 
*. which read as follow*: 

Hec. 8. From and after the ltJJ ses- 
sion of the Orand Lodge, no Grand 
Chancellor shall be eligible to serve 
mjre than three consecutive terms, and 
shhll not be eligible (or election there- 
after, until three year* have elapsed 
(Act of 19f3, page 139, Off. Pro.) 

Thu, amendment wo* unanimously 
recommended for adoption by the law 
and supervision committee ta majority. 
of the members of which wore tho' pi-r 
aonal friends, and all of whom wese 
the personal appointee* of A, W 
Lloyd), and it . was adopted by the 
unanimous vote of the Grand Lodge. 
At the same session a committee on re- 
vision uf the constitution and laws 
was appointed to report at the next 
aesaion at Columbia. ' Missouri. The 
committee reported at the. Colombia 
-ession and section * was included in 
the revised laws which had been recom. 
mended and .was accordingly rcs.lopted 
by the Grand Lodge. (7nder this itsre 
meat „t facte it; is v rr j clear that. »„■ 
lea* section K has been ret-.led. it i. 
•till * part «f ihc I,, „d- binding 
upon- every member of the order in 
Missouri. You admit, in your article 
that section 5 ba* not been, repealed 
"'«* nay attempt made to 

The Late Rev. Cassius M. C. Mason 



Was Senior Clergyman Of The St, Louis Diocese, 
Episcopal Church Here 37 Years. 


c death of Itev. Cuatiu Mureelli 
Clay Mason, rector of All Saint*' Epii 
copal Church, Wednesday morning, fall 
.like a pall oyer the entire city. Death 
had rubbed the communitv of- on 


after bu 


dnys' illness 
, the demise 

from bronchial jmi 
en* unexpected and a gloom of mourn 
ng ha* penetrated, nnt only the homei 
uf his parishioners, but every heart it 
bowed in sorrow el hi* low regardless 
•if rcligiou* faith ur color, for he was 
■•qusitly loved by all. Tbe p*u{a* of his 
book of life were filled with good 
deed*, kind act* and purity, lie had 
been sincere and zeulou* in his dovo- 
tio'n to the church and to avert move- 
ment that ntTcctcd the interest of the 
Megro race, by whom he wis regarded 
as an exceptionally able leader. 

Pother Mason wa* a native of Biilli- 
niort. Md., and came to SI. Louis in 
IS78,' fotlnwiog the death of his wife 
nnd immediately connected himself with 
All Saints' Church ns a lay reader. 
Shortly after his arrival Kcv. .las. W. 

Thompson, then pastor of All Hnints' 
Church, was called to Chicago nod he 
wan placed temporarily In rhargo of tho 
pariah. He soon entered the Episcopal 
priesthood and *U admittiil to holy 
urder* and choscii rector of tho church, 
which position he hold for thirty-seven 
years, until hi* death, at the ngc of 
seventy -three, lie was thi- senior priest 
in the diocese, ranking Bail to Hishop 
Daniel S. Tuttle. 

He is survived byAhree daughters: 
Misses Anna A.Jfcdilh U.." and Winni 
fred C. Mason. 

Tho body lay in state from 1 Id S 
p. m. Friday and the funeral service 
will he held at All Sainl.' Church 
Garrison and Locust, at 10 o'elocA Ha'l 
utdny morning, preceded by a reipiii'n 
mass at 7:30. The nmaiiu will be 
taken to lialtimore for lmri:il by tiff) 
nda of bis wife. 

Bishop Tuttle will nffleiali- at the f 
leral; assisted by Dean I'nrroll, 1 
Davis, and the Episcopal el.-rgymen i 


Monster Sally by Negro Voter* of St. 
Louis. Mayor Kiel. Sldener. Alt, 
SchmaU, Koeln and Others .will 
Speak. Meeting Under Auspices ' of 
Precinct Organisation - of Missouri 
Negro BopufaUcan Cl-.ib. 

There will he a Monster Republican 
Rally given by the Negro Republican 
voters of St. Louis. Thursday evening, 
March 20, ot Douglass llall, Mta Law- 
ton Ave:, under tho auspice* of tho 
precinct organisation iff the Missouri 
Negro Republican League Club. 

Thegrand parade will form at 220S- 
Chestnut St., at 8 p. m. All the Colored 
Republican Club*, with five bands will 

Tin. principal speakers will be: Hon. 
Henry W. Kiel. Hon. L. C. Dyer, Rev. 
11. 0. .Shaw, Rev. P. W. Dunavant, Hon. 
W. T. r'indlcy. A. Burgess, Hon. l.ouis 
Nolle, Hon. John Sebmoll, Hon. Che*. 
Danes, Dr. .T. M. llensou, Hon. Edward 
Kneln, lion. Howard Hideni'r, Hon. 
I.oui» Alt. 

All Republican candidates will ho 
present and make short addresses. W.' 
B, Hill, assistant city eooo«*V>r will 
introduce Dr. Chns. H. Phillips. Jr.. as 
pcrnirtncni chairman, and Jeff. Coviog 
(on as secretary. 

The Municipal tjnarloltc n-ill render 
catchy campaign songM, led by Jno. J. 

Dr. C. II. Rhillip.. President Missouri 
Negro Republican l.engue Club; Clinie 
E. Smith, secretary: I. H. Bradbury, 
C'hniraisn Prii-im-t Organisation, .Ti'fT 
Covington, secretary. Wo.. H. Robin- 
»on, t.Tiairmnn Organization Committee. 
W. B. Cathrcll, Chairman Speakers' 
Committee. Irn Dorscv. 1'ublieity Com- 
mittee. Win. Wynft, Grand Mar.hnll, 
Wpndell Grciss, Sergeunt at-Arms. 
■ La'dies are especially invited. 

ill atti 


of their 

.thai li- 


the Supreme I 
I ■rayed nor disa 
under the. pro 
l*odge-lriw, sect 
law without II 
|-reme Lodge o: 
lor; With' this 

irtafll fa* 



veo tne. aexwnwaaBa 
i of the Nupreme 
i heeiine a binding 
■proval of the So- 
Supreme Chancel 
irledgs St hind eer- 

sin member* of the Grand Lodge, led 

>y Mr. C. K. Robinson, and nided by 

g*Ktd Brother Tony Greene, proceeded 

for and 'Ic-lare elected as (irnnd 

CbanrelSor, A.- W. Lloyd, Bl(hongh the 

dons of Hec. <• plainly forbade 

action. And in doing this the 

sof Mr. I.lo-yd. Mr. Robinson and 

who' assisted thorn sere arbitrary 

it a .bug under tho chip. One writer 
has (aid. ".Why doth the heathen rage 
nnd people imagine vain thing*," If 
the contentions of the Prate run I Clarion 
and other" who support th'.-'iinlawful 
actions of last July *re right, they 
have nothing to fear from the, action 
pending and. since the truth will be 
twtahliehcd therein, Ihey should await 
the hearing a* Osborne- and Vaughn 
and other gnod I'ylhinni are willing to 

■ 'Ker. pert fully yours. 



■ ppointee* 

repeal it. 

Instead of attempting, to rVpeal the 
law the. Orand Chancellor., who wo* di- 
rectly concerned in it* overthrow be 
csusc ho wo* a candidate for re-election 
contrary to its provisions,' declared it 
anil and void and that part of his an 
nual address was immediately referred 
to the law and supervision committee. 
That committee, 'made op of his per.- 
d friend*, upheld 
and recommended the 
suspension of the law until it could he 
resubmitted to the Supreme Lodge 
Now, it is a wellhnowa fact'that for 
IS year* the Grand Lodge of Mitaonr. 
has (taadfsstly refused to /•assgaise 
the right at the Saprem* Lodge to«pn*> 
en its lawe *r..l. gnti! the snaioa of 
IMS. no Missouri la-., were .submit;*.! 
to the Supreme Lodge for approval.' 
But for some reasoa, section «, wa* *XaV 
tted to t.he Hapreme Chaaeallor at 
tae IfllS a e a sia' a although the proper 
hat* dose oo wa*. at to* 19.U 
of the Etaprem* Lodge. I',*,. 

hose who favored tjicit action wcr* spesh withuut being har 
assod, interrupted and rulcl out of- nr 
The set inn which y»u claim wni 
action of" the Grand l-ndge wai 
gaveled through liy yourself and youi 
adherents; and you laughed in the 
face* of those 'who pinfiariisj tfsilnl t-hr 
liolatioo of the law and je.'tcd at them 
na'd invited them (o help themselves. 
Hnuther Greene knows these fact* to lie 

The present set ion in cimrt I* not 
brought against the Orssd. ,l»dgc hut 
i" an aVtion brought against A. W. 
IJoyd to try the title tn the office of 
Graad-Chsarclhir. The Marl will rule 
"'a the facts and tbe Isk impart iaily. 
No one. will he jeered nt nor denied t 
hearing hut everyone will he heard and 
dealt with fairly and a 'just deel-ioa 
returned. That i. all anvone Can ask: 
It is all -r ask and everv I'rthian is 
the state of Missouri should be willing 
f" *>ave *neh a deeisioa. ■ ' 

Jt hi .a well known fiet that men 
■ ■no* eases', ore wrak resort to. the 
>b*M> of their Opponent* to.csrry their 
point: l«ee Oaoo.rae and Vaughn are 
■■raie-l bolters? Let. the gentlemen 
eaaa their .ieeriag-and «w*it the de- 
Jion at the coast of' justice. Yelling 
ear win not. deceive anybody bat will 
lake'thow.who know believe ihat there 




Dr. Chaa. H. rTHlhpo. Jr, arill Praetdt 
Over Big .Domonstratlon at Lane 
Tabernacle Church, ltayor Kiel, snd 

Otter, to Spaak. , 

L A monster Repablicaji Mass Meeting 
of the Negra voters of the :'-1r.d .Ward 
will tw held Tuesday 'evcoiiig, Mar<-h 
■■17, at the Ijhi" TsliiTnaele t'. M. ¥.. 
Church, '31W1 r'sjirfax Avenue. Speeches 
will be made by Mayor Heary W. Kiel, 
Willism It. Joausssal and VTm. H.-Tark : 
er. Louis' Nolte, candidate for Comp- 
troller bjiiJ the aldermanic cnndid>teB 
been-jnvited. Everylhaly, especi- 
ally the ladies, are rnjneoteif to attend. 
Dr. Charles H: Phillips. Jr. will act as 
chairman. . Jan N. McKelvev is the com-' 


During iKe past fall and winter the 
film editor of "I'urn" College has 
been giving his time to adding many 
new reels -to tlujse, famous "f'oro - 
Movies, and lie' invite/ your in-poeliotr 
if his first showing in Si, I,,i0j IhU 
ipriug. at yt. .IniueJ A. IK K.< ! huwh 

great field day esercise.-. -howiug bun 
dfeds of teschers. pupils sad npci-ls" 
tors in actual lu'iveiuent. Yen. oil! get 
a glimpse .if Hunmer High School 
showing bright niid . in/rlligenj face* 
going ii nil coming, a wnnderful picture- 
of the Methodist fonferenee. held in. 
I»in>villc and I'hiladelphia this past 
summer. Another Feature wjjfr he thi 
inlerextlng fimtlinll game between 
Humni-r .High School und Macon Col 
lege, held last Thaiiksgii ing Day, la 
wiii^b Sumner was vletarioaa. and a 
large number of St. l.nois scenes, giv- 
ing view* of nur pmgressixe ^usines* 
people^ . In his travels, the HI in. editOt 
has gathered iliauy interesting »e«oe* 
nf.the activities of our face through .nit 
the country,, their homes. ■ schools, 
church,-.*, sod bu-iae-s livos. General 


Supreme Lodge 
Committee Busy 

Ma]. Gcn'-R. R. Jaehson, made a By 
n)[ trip In the city Monday to lay out 
he ramp Byonttd on the Rankin Tract. 
n.eoiuiiaity with Brig, Gen.- William )i. 

, LOaTT EELATIVXa Inowisg the -wibereabuta ol 
John NeUsn, formerly of Memphis 
Teasj., sboold no.tify -Captain J-mns-m 
of the Laclede. e"tstioo or t*e Arpn 
offlee' flis sister. Mrs. Branch, sristei 
to hear from hint. 

went over the ground a 

nd laid out plan. 

far the encampment. 

The s„pr,me L*dg. 

Coamittee re- 

x>rts splendid jirojjrc« 

iO making }H 

Irrangemeni- for ente 

talning the con- 

vent ion next August. 

All of the suh- 

vimmitfceH km busy n 

! wi.rt and thi- 

ity in gen, ml is t*k 

ng a lively ,n- 

teres! ia -the event. It is. |indirted 
that the Jargsnt gathering of Pythiaas 
aad fialaataVs will he witnessed h#H 

aeat.suaii^ii'c and that the '.:i'tn d '■/ n- 

llors wilj ,hr so big that i't will lie a. 

difficult" task, to furnish for thin,. Th" 

nillee on homes bs* already begin 

work in arr.inging atsSSBAasj plaee* for 

o«e who wil'i come,' 

The local lod»;r* aad courts, as well 

those uu( in the'state, ax* continu . 

g to'-buy. slock in the enterj'ris.- 

Dcnariaas are lariafj solicited from the- 

sines*' in terrst* ^f 'the city which will ■ 

be greatly benefited by t'he.ronviwtinn 

i help defray the expenses of it* »n- 

rtainment. Beginoiag With-Monday 

ght the local courts' of Calsothe wih 

iM a Calendar Baraar at the Pythisn 

■nijV|,, -1)37 Pi H , .^, ( ,i at ieg the whole 



■».«. P. J, 

Mm. Irene Perry was called to our 
city from Kuuu City ou "account of 
the Ulne** of her brother, Mi. W. M. 
Evan* of airfield 8t The 30 Dig- 
itally closed mt Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church bunday night with a report of 
iSO.W. Rev.. Hunt occupied tha pulpit 
Friday night. Hla inbjaef. was, " Wilt 
Thou Be Baved.". ...Re*.,W. H. Hous- 
ton returned home but Thursday from 
Ironton, Do Soto, and Potosi. ...Mrs. 
Wm. Turk and Master Wm. Sponcor 
entertained the .Stewardess .Board of 
the A. M, E. Church last Toesdsy night 
at the home of Sin M. 0. Jackson on 
Pine St., with a two courae dinner. Hra 
Ben Spencer, president; Mr>. C C. 
Smith, secretary.... ;Bev. and Mrs. T, 
I'arrish had. as their guests Sundny 
Mrs. J. W. Taylor and U"- C. P. Jack 
■Sn.. ...Bev. O. C. Chinn has sent in 
his resignation to the Pleasant Hill 
Baptist Chureh slid has accepted the 
charge at PueBlo, Colo,, and will leave 
tor his new borne in about 30 days. . . . 
Bov. Parriah will preach on "Sanetiflca 
tlon" Sunday. All are invited.... Mr. 
and Mrs. Oobbe esc- rejoicing over the 

arrival' of a flue baby boy The 

Stewardess Board of the C. M. E. 
Church mat with Mrs. Hattio Moore 
last -Thursday. Mrs. T. Parrish was a 
guest of the Board. ...Rev. Parrish on-; 
tortained tie "Preachers' Conference at 
his home Monday, on Benton St. The 
meeting was well attended and much 
business transacted. Mr. Chsa. Bulliner 
was a -visitor;'-. ..Miss Gertrude Finn 
has gone to St. Louis to make it her 
future home. 

Miss 0. Reeves, Mrs. Lymea, Mra. 0. M. 
Overton, .sang, "Dot Lectle Homo." 
Miss C Reeves read a. paper on St. Pat- 
rick. Last, bat not least, the price of 
admission was fifty cents per couple, 
and -'despite alleged hard times, there 
were over forty guests. This occasion 
will long be remembered. A neat sum 
was realised for the pastor's salary. 
Tho denominations were forgotten in 
tho merry. crowd, and every church in 
town was represented. The Ladies of 
the Aid-Society are deeply thankful 
all who helped in any way to make 
a success. 


By J. K. Jones 

The Negroes of Giles County have 
two brass bands, seven printing houses, 
seven undertakers, fifty school teachers, 
seven lawyers, and four doctors..... 
Miss Frankie B. Howell is visiting her 
mother in Mt Pleasant Last San- 
day several young men left Pulstiki for 
the north, and it has been reported that 
they met with an accident. Two of 
them were killed. ...Mr. Dunean sold 

a. pair of mules hut Friday for $175 

Messrs. Stevenson and Morton were the 
guests of Mr. Harvey North at Cressi- 

view Thursday Mr. V. Milton of 

Athens, Alabama, visited his mother 
last Thursday Old Zion Baptist Sun- 
day school is being fairly attended, and 
is making progress'. . . .The V. M. C. A. 
is having success. 

rendered by pupils of the sebool. ... 
Alma Patterson is doing good 
work and is loved by her pupils!... 
Mrs. Minnie Scott is much improved 
(Iter a brief illness Mrs. Ella Spen- 
cer ia ill at the home of her daughter, 
Mrs. L. James... Mrs. J. Burls, Andrew 
Evans, Mary Bufor'd, Willi Picrsos, 
and Mr. D. Jordon are convalescent.... 
Mrs. Jane Elaiicr accompanied by her 
son and daughter, Ben and Eliia, loft 

on the IT for Detroit Tho funeral 

of Mr. Bill Boyd was held at the First 
Baptist Church, March 18, Bev. E. J. 
Bueltncr presided.' Ho was Isid to rest 

'in Father Dickson's cemetery Mr. 

P. Elkina, Wm. Bowen, Miss Christian 
Thompson are out again. .. .Mrs. Wm. 
Boweu earns borne from the hospital 

last Satordny much improved Mrs. 

C. Warren of St, Louie was tho pleas- 
ant visitor of Mrs. Annie Polk, th. 

. . . .Mrs. Mary Allen, formerly of Web- 
ster Groves, now residing in E. St. 

Louis, was bore on business on the IS. 

....Miss Sarah. Woods of St. Louis, 
aa tho guest of Mrs, D. J. Laird last 

Sunday. - ,' 


By Miss C. O. Beeves 

• The home of Mrs. A. Caves was the 
scene of a very pretty house party, 8*. 
Patrick's Tea, given by the Ladies' 
Aid Society of St. James M. E. Church, 
March IT. The eolor scheme was bcau- 

■ tifully carried out In green and white. 
Tho lovely dining room wasidoeorated 
in green crepe paper which hopg from 
the ceiling in graceful curves to each 
corner "of tho table, in tho center of 
which a Urge pot of Wandering Jew 
sat on a little, tripod. Four large Irish 
potatoes were pressed into service as 
candle holders! After the guests were 
scute'd about, the table, which was a 
bower of beauty, small green candles 
were lighted, which shed a soft pale 
light that seemed to transform the 
dining room into some enchanted gar- 
den; The mena follows: Creamed oys- 
ters. French peas in patties, Saratoga 
chips, beaten biscuits, pickles, ice, cake 
and blaek codec. Each guest was beau 
tifully gowned. Souvenirs were small 
silken Shamrocks .and a rinv white 
menu card ent M snapc of shamrock 
■ and' tied with a bit of green ribbon. 

. After the roll call, to which each guest 
responded wilh an Irish quotation, I 
short -program was rendered. Mrs 
Witletlo Mima of Wyoming, whose ei 
quisle mono soprano is hardly sur 
passed," gave several selections,- vocal 
end instrumental. Mrs: Lena Reese 
sang a' little Irish ditty, and gave some 
beautiful " piano number*. A fvmal 


By V. M. J. 

Sunday was rally day at the Meach- 

am Park Chureh. Bey. DeShields was 

called to Allenton to deliver a sermon 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Bailey are rejoic- 

over a baby boy Mr. and Mrs 

O. Ford are the new residents of Mesch 

Park Mrs. Addie Anderson, Mrs 

M. Crews of St. Loois, are guests ol 

their mother, -Mrs. B. Bailey Mr. W 

Lawrence and Master E. Rogers an 
on the sick list. 


Special Inducements to new easterners 
in hair dressing and weaving. A trial 
is all I ask. Mrs. Emma J. Bessley, 1100 
N'. Cornell avanue, Webster Grovss. 


P, V. 


By Mrs. L. Laird 

' Series of meetings began at the F 
Baptist Church ' on the IBth. Good 
preaching each night. All are' invited 
,,, .Rev. B. G. Shaw preached at Black 
well Chapel, March' I8{ collection,' $12 

The George and Martha Washing 

ton Concert at Bracknell Chaperon thi 
15, was a decided success, S17JIT wa! 

reported .The Penny at Blsckwrll 

Chapel on the 18, was well attended. 
Rev. Monroe at Kirkwood preached. 
Collection. 123.54; . . .Mr. H. Graham 
and family ha ve ""moved here from I 
Louis, and are living on N. Cornell. . 
There will. lie a musical entertninme 
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs, Laird 
on the 29 of this month under th 
auspices of the Trustee Board of the 
M. E. Church- Admission free. Wm. 
Taylor, chairman Mrs. if. E. Good- 
en, Susio .Crockett- Lewis, and Leoln 
LaiiM, made a pleasant visit to Howard 
F-lace Paren l- Teachers' Association 
on the 22. A, Very nice program was 

Miss Myrtle 1 Graves was hostes 
Mrs. J. Elliot last Sunder.... Mi 
Jackson, Misses Hazel White, 
l'ashiolee Murray attended scrvici 
Moselle Sunday. .. .Mr. M. Buckm 
Baldwin,' Mo;, is visiting his si 
Mrs. L. Generally. ...Miss Ella E 

as in Union Tuesday on busincs* 
We are glad to see Mrs. L. Wallace 
out again after a severe illness.. 
. E. Rogers was in St. Louis S 1 


UN. J. 

,-. and Mrs. P. J. Johnson, form- 
erly of Poplar Bluff, are operating the 
restaurant at 2*2 N. Frederick St. Yoa 
will be courteously treated "and served 
to the. season 'a best products, when you 
Visit them. ...Mrs. Snrnh Ann Pansy, 
aged S3 at Oak Ridge, died last week. 
Many persons from Cape Girardeau at 

tended the funeral Wednesday Mrs. 

Charlotte Wilburn went to St. Loans 

Wodneaday The Williams. Jubilee 

singers were greeted by a large crowd 
at the opora house Thursday night. All 
reported satisfaction. ., .Miss B. M, 
White of Ste. Genevieve spent the week 
end with relatives and friends in this 
oity Sunday. .. .Mrs. Liiiie Ramsey 'of 

St. Louis, returned home Mr, and 

Mrs. Claude ft. Young went to .lack 

sonville, I1L, where they will reside 

Mra. Grace Bollinger, after a pleasant 
visit with her i>orents returned to hei 
home in Madison, Wis..... Mrs, A. J 
Benfro spent a few days in our city oti 

business Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Pollard 

celebrated Mr. John N. Rico's fifty 
fourth birthday anniversary with a sn 
eial. About twenty of bis many friend 

present The Services were en 

joyed at the A. M. E. Church Sunday 
On Thursday night, March 30,. the La 
Aid will have charge of the Pas- 
sion Play in moving pictures at the B. 
T. theater. Tickets are now tin sale. 

Dr.JPfTH. Larie. president of the 

3. E. Mto., 3rd District 8. S. Convention, 
visited tthe Pleasant Green Baptist Sun- 
day scUooI last Sunday. The Easter 
program will bo held on the third Sun- 
day in April. The Second Baptist 

hope to be ready by Easter Monday 

Bev. P. J. Johnson of AUonsitle S. R, 
will be ready on the 15 of April. He 
reported an excellent sermon Snndoy. . 
..Mi. W. H, Rodney refused to be 
Operated on at the hospital Sunday. Hi 
returned homo Monday. 






Mrs. Victoria Clay-Haley 

109 N. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, Mo, 



The Big Cut Bute DRUGGIST. - Everybody Welcom 

L.ocAtcsl at COMPTON and LACLEDE AVE. 


By R. Loper 

Miss J. E. Fowler, one of our public 

school teachers has returned from 

Scnia, Ohio, where sho wus called to 

attend the funeral of' her father 

Rev. P. E. Crews held the Ouartertr 
meeting here Sunday at the A. M. E. 
Church. Revival is meeting with much 

success Rev. F. H. Gray preached 

special sermons to the school children 
mi Fridays Mr. R. L. Logan of Co- 
lumbia, and editor of the "Professional 
World," was a visitor hero Tuesday. 

Misa Ida "Crews of St. Louis was 

tbe guest of her father, Bev. P. C. 
Crews, Sunday. .. .Ruby, the infant 
daughter uf Mr. Sud Mrs. Herbert 
Robinson, was buried from the house 
Friday afternoon. . . -Mrs. Lillian R. 
Carter is making herself quite busy at 
the' Argus offieS/ in "8t. Louis, 


By D s S. B. 

awmk, each presented beautiful gifts. 
Miss Edith Cafes of Mineral Spring.' 
was present. The gentlemen who *rJw 
present added much to iho interest uf 
the occasion. Refreshments were served 
nd each uno left feeling that it wu 
good to have Cupid so near, , . .Mrs. C 
Kwmk and Mr. Staten uf Cullman at 
leaded lo busincHH. horn lu*t vt-ei'k.,-. 
Misses Cozetts Hoddii' aud HurU'nm 
Kennedy entertained the Induatrin 
Club Mundny evening at the reaidcnci 
of Mrs. P. Boddie. This club is doing 
some very pri-tty needle work u 

tho supervision of Mi" Kennedy 

Miss Loraine Staten has recovered suf- 
ficiently to be up and out... .Mrs. Bod- 
dio received tho sad message of the 
death uf little Oscar, ~t be infant son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Artie Reed, of St. Louis. . 
. .Mr. Fred CLoppeH'cinuc up Thursday 
and finished moving his household goods 
to -Coffman. . . .Mr. Antnne Murphy has 
recovered from a recent injury received 
while gardening. 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

. am Jar a. assaaf, 
Wr aWaw sad Sa nJa p n iaa r , Mas, 
5a cents, seal KCratd evesrwlura. sW 
Mte agam wanted. 7-y»o! taBat 

U., a Smith Earns; An, 



By. E. E. WlUlams . 
Mrs.- Node Bessley, the hair 

was in our oity this week Clara Boss 

of Chicago, will return to Edwardsiil 
to msito her home with Mrs. I.npurt 
. . . .Miss -Emma Samuels was surprise 
last Tuesday night by her friends, it ' present • 

Cora 3. Turner i>f Pardon?, Kiiu 
rived Saturday night to bo the 
of relatives for an -indefinite 

period Mr, O. Poston of St. Louis 

enjoyed Sunday with homo folks 

Rev. J, D.. Barksdnle conducted Qunr 
terly meeting services at the A. M. E. 
Church. The meeting was a success A- 

nsnciolly as well as spiritually Mrs. 

Charlotte Clay received injuries from s 

fall Sunday. Mr. Lewis Kennedy was 

tho successful captain nt the rally Bun- 
day at the M. E. Church: Mrs. T, I., 
Caveo was second ; Mrs. P. Cayce. third! 
Mrs. E. Harris, fourth. Tho receipts 
were forty dollars. This was n sacri- 
ficial rally; ench member was allowed 
to give as the spirit moved him. . . .Miss 
Cora Meyers, Mrs. Lula Kennedy and 
Bomer Meyers enjoyed Sunday "Its 

relatives Bt Crystal City Mn?ter 

George L. Burke is very 111 with pneu- 
monia One of the most beautiful 

scenes that ever graced the SI 
Church was that exhibited Saturday 
evening at tho miscellaneous shnwer 
The presents were gorgeous, and wholfr 
some. The, display Of necdhi work was 
surprisingly splendid. . . .The visitors 
's Lueltn and Helen 

), ,■■;.■ 

■: :i:i 




B. J. M- 

W. S. Vance, B. D„ pustor uf 
Chureh wns culled 
□n account- of the 
. . .Lucy May Dick 

Ward Bantu 
to Klktuu, Tenn 
death of his fatlu 

i, ui;ed sevei 


The several services of tho Fifth 

Ward Baptist Church have proved " 
spiritual blessing, to our city. We art 
feasting on the wonderful and forceful 
sermons del'ivered bv Rev. P. 1). Skin- 
ner. D. D. Eleven person* have unite.) 
with tho cliurch....Mr. Wm. Foster. 

St., hs 


it for 

weeks but is convalescent Mr. I 

C. Bowers of Louisville, Ky., is slo] 
ping at the Central Hotel, .. .Rev, Dw 
din and Cross addressed the Sunday 
school ot Mt. Olive Baptist Church 
Little Lucy Mae Diekerson wss taken 
lo Dr. Rnbt, T. Hurt Vlullminry. llulli 
leg* were broken and skull crushed in 
an automobile accident. .-.. The . long 
felt want in Clnrksville lis- bean grant 
cd. That is n Negro journal, by which 
we run ice just what progress our fare 
is milking along ul! lines. The ArgU" 
supp)jen tlinl needed informs tioa. Why 
not every SsfTO in Clnrk.viUe rood n 
Xcgrr> paper and rind ''■1*1 lb"" Si 


1 irisa to aaaonaM that ssy 
-ill ssos at aljlit afsar 
Oastaeasrs wUl U rsSatvsd by mg* 
...t . Mra. *. 
Lswtss Ave. 

uive on Houss boats. 

Tha Dumerous canals of Holland 

popolated by about B0.00O people, W 

wbuiii tho hsiuseboat represents bcansl 

all the year arouud, and with the as- 

.caption of tho winter scssoa, when tha 
canals are frown, they are constantly 

.on too move. The stern ■ot the vessel 
la fitted up for tha boatman aud Ml 

I family, while tho space In front la 
used for csrrylug freight. 


suit rKbb 

w. sal na mmbs of UM 
staeraMlr rlUX •• rsa saa 

iise^atr-* ***" 

■ •T»sst>SIE>r. > »d 

52,500.00 a Tuf urj 

i£m$& zx^sssip^^ '&&& sgmst&Qti&m 

• / 

1* *t 




M-mmcrn xuL -..— 

ilM Ilt T. sfilsLDOWS . 




nwcunxw RATI* 


r_>*h— t. i^antaiuii 


Since civilization first took her seat upon the throne of ■ prog- 
ress, it has ever been the custom of states, principalities, govern- 
ments and nations to be first to recognize the worth of its citizens. 
This- custom has 'prevailed in all ages, in all countries and in all 
governments known to history, with but one exception;— and that 
exception is the American government. 

Standing in the forefront uf progress, proudly boasting her 
leadership in civilization, proclaiming to the world her grandeur, 
setting as an example her Christianity and culture, America is 
known in the remotest corners of .the universe as the land of the 
free and the home of the brave. Clothed with these robes of right 
bousness, one would naturally conclude that the American gevern 
ment would be first to recognize the worth of her citizens- regard- 
less of race, color or creed. 

With a citizenship of a hundred million souls gathered here 
from all parts of the world, and with the country practically in a 
state of war with Germany, what portion of her citizenship can 
America rely upon to uphold the principles of her government? 

Accusations are being made upon all sides that some Americans 
are pro-German: it has been said that more than one hundred 
thousand spies tire scattered throughout this country; men are be- 
ing imprisoned for stealing and selling Army and Navy secrets; 
uncertainty, suspicion and distrust have necessitated the placing 
of armed guards around the Navy yards, at bridges, at munition 
plants, aad everywhere there seems to be a feeling of doubt as to 
who is. loyal; charges and counter charges are being made and the 
daily press is filled with news articles pertaining to who is an Am- 
erican and who is not; but in all this nightmare of serious specula- 
tion, not one word has been said questioning the loyalty of the 
Negro; - • 

This government feels sure of the loyalty of more than [one- 
tenth of its population; this government firmly believes that eleven 
millions of Negro men and women will readily give their lives in 
its defense; the black part of American citizenship is giving the 
government no concern aa to the part :t will play in any crisis. 

Of the one hundred thousand spies that ire said to infest th'a 
country, not one of them has proved to be a Negro; of the many 
arrests that have been made for selling Army and Navy secrets, 
not a single man has proved to be a Negro; of the many thousands 
who are being accused of being pro-German, not one accusation 
has been aimed at a member of the Negro race; of the large num- 
ber of platters who have been apprehended, some of whom have 
confessed to have had designs upon the fife of the President, not 
one of these plotters has turned out to be a Negro:— and it is this 
portion of her citizeaship, — this black portion, that America can 
rely upon to help her shoulder every burden. 

Strange though it may seem, it is the black portion of Ameri- 
ca's citizenship which America has so signally failed to recognize. 

In the sacred halls of Congress just a "few months ago, a bill 
to keep Negroes from enlisting in the Army and Navy was intro- 
duced; a member of the Legislature in the- Btate of Missouri, intro- 
duced a bill tftsegregate and jinr crow the Negro; this happened 
less than a month ago. American white men and women going to 
and fro on common carriers, will stand up and ride for miles rather 
than sit beside a Negro; every state in the southland has crowded 
the pages of its law books with every conceivable law, that will in- 
sult, humiliate and strip the Negro of his rights as an -American 
citizen- The unholy pastime of lynching, burning and mobbing Ne- 
gro men. women and children by American white men is not even 
censured, by the American government; Negro, soldiers on their 
way to fight for the honor of this country, have been" insulted and 
discriminated against. Such signs aa "No Niggers Allowed Inside." 
"ThisfRoom For Negroes," are posted in every southern city and 
oh every railway possenger train throughout the south. "Negroes 
are denied the right of any but the most poorly paid employment; 
they are advised to get an education, and upon doing so, are called 
"sassy;" they are to told to own their homes, and upon seeking to 
purchase and pay for a home they are reminded that white neigh- 
bors will not tolerate their presence; mep who are placed in high 
positions to uphold the law and protect the weak, are the last ones 
to offer a word of 'protest against .he inhuman treatment of Negro 
citizens; such sire the conditions that constantly face a portion of 
America's citizens:— the black portion — the only portion that 
America can fully rely upon to prove loyal in case of war. 

When the Negro, has again, as he has in a hundred former 
Wars, proven his right to be recognized aa a man and aa an Ameri- 
can citizen, will this government awake from its apathy and be 
fair enough to accord' him justice' 

try. Crippled by the loss of the foreign element, the many large 
concerns throughout the country found it necessary to draft upon 
the south for labor to keep their plants going. That Negro labor is 
proving up to the standard is evidenced: by the fact that a number 
of those who have employe* Negroes for the first time,.have signi- 
fied their intention to keep them regularly. 

■ Id view of the changes that are sure to come after the war in 
Europe, we feelit timely to advise members of the race th begin 
to study and familiarize themselves with different languages. There 
will be many lucrative openings in the South American countries 
for those who can speak the Spanssh or German ' languages, and as 
th* climatic conditions are such that Negroes will be in demand it 
will not hurt us to be able to apeak and write the language used 
in that country 


Captains of industry are beginning to take into account the 
value of Negro labor versus foreign labor many Urge manufactur- 
ing cancers in this city are opening their doors to Negro labor, 
both skilled and smskilled. The above facts are gratifying to those 
of th* race who realize what a hard time Negro labor has had 
heretofore. In thee* times of strife between nations, American 
Industrie* have suffered largely by the, departure of thousands of 
foreigners who have sooe to their native lands to serve their coun- 


Nobis Church ud Fraternal Worker 
Succumb* Aftar Brief niness. HigH 
Maeon.aud Hoaored Class Lender for 
Many Years. Large. Crowd Pays lift 
Respects to Dec sued last Sunday. 

The large*! croud Chat has beep so." 
nl a funeral service in St. Louis foi 
a long time gathered at St. Paul A. M 
E. Cbu'rcb last Sunday, to pay their 
last respects to a well Known and tin: 
DMoV citizen, Squire Vox. Sot only 
were the regular snare* and [■rcachin. 
rcrcmontes carried out at the chureli 
Sunday, but the deceased received t)i< 
lii|>beat Masonic bono re of a midnight 
reremony by memboti of that order m 
the preceding Saturday night. It i- 
understood (hat only those who hav< 
received thirty-three degrees, are eli 
gible.^to take part 'in the last nnmcij 
ceremonies. He was well connected in 
fraternal sad church circles. 

fcW[Oire For was born in Arti 
Mo., April 2- 1853, and departed this 
life Saturday, March 10, at 11:45 » 
m., after a urief illness. 

He came to St- Louis when quite a 
boy and entered the employ of Jos 
Huckland Hay & Grain Co., Third 'and 
Walnut Sts., and rendered for forty 
two years faithful services to the con 

Ho waa converted and Joined St 
Paul Chapel forty five years ago, dur- 
ing the administration of He v. John 
Turner and was a consistent Christian 
until death. 

lie was leader of Class No. 10 for 
over 33 year*. His life waa one of 
Christian eiample. He was ever ready 
to do good -for jjhe Master. He ■» a 
devoted husband and a loving father. 

His parting advice to bis wife una. 
Trust the -Lord and He will lake 
cere of you." 

He- leaves to mourn their loss a de 
.•oted wife, Mra. Jennie C. Koi. one 
laugAter, Miss Carrie Foi, a teacher 
n the public schools of this city, soma 
relatives and many friends. 

BawlulioDi of Condolence 
t, the members of Class Nun. bet 
if which Brother Squire Fox -.res 
leader .for. many years, are" deeply 
ed over the loss of our dearly be 
loved leader. Whereas, the. Grim Reap- 
witb bin sickle keen and relentless 

1. has invaded the cirele of Skint 

dolenee, with the assurance that w< 
mourn with them; their lots ia oqi 
Jobs; and while it ia hard to compre- 
hend and doubly hard to reconcile oui 
will to "Him who doeth all thing) 
well," yet wo command .them to Qod 
who in his infinite mercy and wiadoir 
is able to bind our broken hearts and 
give, ua balm, consolation and perfect 
submission to His will 

Be it further resolved, That a copj 
□f tbese resolutions bo sent to the be- 
reaved family and a copy be placed 
upon the records of St. Paul Church. 
Bea pec t fully submitted, 
O.- Bartelsa Hartgraves, 
aiu Class No. 

resolved that we bow in humble sub- 
mission to him who doeth all thins* 
well, and commend his family and be 
reeved ones to Him. who has promised 
to heal the wounded heart ami 
has promised to be a husband for the 
widow indeed. 

Faithfully submitted: D. W. Beott. 
Chairman of the~Btnwnrda Board; W 
E. Osborne, Secretary of the Trustee 
Board, representing every department 
of the efaureh; Rev. W. B. Johnson, i). 
r>. P. C; E. Hawkins, Secretary. 

I wish to express my sincere thanks 
to the many friends for their, kindness 
shown during the-late bereavement in 
the loaa of my dear husband, Bqalre 
Foi, who departed this life March 10, 

Especially am I grateful for the beau- 
tiful .floral offerings, and the part tak- 
en by the church organisations and 
the lodges, which helped so mneh in re- 
lieving my burden. 

Mr:-- .W- C. Tax. 

Collection, |15. At the annual meetini 
Wednesday night, Secretary Holton re 
ported all moneys collected since th 
organisation of the ' union. Total $i . 
009.99. This money waa given to th 
churches of [tie Union and* Charily 
Next meeting at Bemple Avenue Be; 
tist Church. Take the -Case avenpj 
car, get off at Semple, walk one bloc] 
north to ehifteh. ■ 

Communion of Souls Spiritual Churcl 
hold their regular services Sunday i: 
a. m. and 8 n, m., Lyceum, 10 a. m. 
seance Tuesday and Friday at 8 p, m. 
eondueted by Mrs. Caroline Annates^ 
and M. Antoinette Howard, H. N\ Hiu 
Clemmitine Hatch, secretary; Cordelii 
Anderson, treasurer; M. Antoinettt 
Howard, B. N. pastor; Mr*. Carrie Par 
son, assistant pastor. 8841 Lucas Ave 
Phone, Cent. 9616R. 

C Captain 

untiring m 
clam, and 
■ herees this 
ly the full 

interests in our chut 
hureh realties mo 
measure of the toss 

ntimely death of require 

a man, so noble, true a 

of virtue so. rare and 

has been summoned into the presr 

Maker .to hear the blessed - 

: "Thou hast been faithful 

leader over a few things: behold! 

the thee ruin 
Therefore, be it resolved, That Class 
Xnmber 10 has sustained an irn-par- 
bie loss in the death of Brother Squlri 
'OS, whose hearty encouragement, ge- 
ial smite and friendly handclasp in- 
fired us and endeared him to us, aa 
leader and brother, whose memory 
and influence will live with ns. nhen 
rial elay has returned to Mothei 

Resolved. Thnt we as a class strive 
individually to eesnlate his virtues and 
follow the splendid example he has 
set before as. ef faithfulness and ley 
shy to oar God, ear church, and imi 
ass. That whether the susassons mm** 
te hs in -the heat of the noonday son 
in the evening shadows, we too 
ey wrap the drapery of out ■■■mi 
about ne and Ue down to pleasant 

Jllfl " 

nVsolved. Thnt we extend to the be- 
reaved family our sympathy and ram 

PAUL A. M. E. 

. St. Louis, Mo.; March 18, 1917. 

We come today to puy our last re 
necte to one of SI. Louis' most hon- 
ored citizens, to u husband second to 
none, to a fellow workman, whose ca- 
reer was loved by all, to craftmen, 
whose life all Masons would do wel 
to emulate; md last but not-least, a 
Christian, who favarubly impressed all 
with whom he came in contact that hi 
waa preparing to ntect bis Maker. W t 
speak of brother Squire Fox, whose 
remains are now before us. Brothel 
Fox was well stricken in years, and e 
man whose ability as a lender was evi 
denced in mere ways than one. For 
more than twenty-five years the fornioi 
paator of St. Paul has kept him as 
lender in the above named church. 

During the pastorate of Rev. W. S. 
Brooks, llrnthcr Fox thought his work 
combined with bis age, was too much 
to give the proper attention to it. 

Whereon Rev. Brooks appointed Sis- 
ter Mamie K. Nichols, an assistant 
leader and as a special honor retained 
Brother Fox as leader of Class No. 10. 
Brother Fox was a man who was nl 
ways found at his post of duty unlesr 
hindered by some lawful excuse. Judg 
ing from his life, we feel -safe in say 
irig that death had no terrors for him 
and here we join Mm with thu poei 
end ask his dear ones, Why do wc 
mourn departed friends, or shake aj 
death's alarm! Wfeeo, through his suf- 
fering, we could hear him say: "Death 
may dissolve my body now and bear 
my spirit home. " The forty-two yesri- 
he spent in -the service of one of the 
leading firms in St. Louis and the twen 
tj-five years be spent as a leader in 
his church art not to be compared witb 
the glorious reward be has received tc 
services rendered here, especially when 
we.think of the beautiful hymn where 
in it reads: 

"When we have been there ten thou- 
sand years. 
Bright, shining as the sun,, 

With no less clears to give God praise. 
Then when we first begun." 

The whole' church join in with the 
poet; ' 

"We loved him, yes, we loved him, 
But angels loved him more 

And they hive- quietly called him 
To yonder shining shore.' 1 " 

"The golden gates were open. 

A gentle voice said,- 'Come,* 
With i farewell words unspoken. 

He-' calmly, entered home," ■ 
Whereas, it has pleased the Almighty 
in his wise providence -trt remove fr/im 


A very pleasant day was spent on 
last Sunday at Lane Tabernacle. Dr. 
Smith, the popular pastor, after return- 
ing from Texas, preached two able, and 
ring sermons. Next Sunday, Dr. 
Smith will preach at both services. 
The members are urged to be present 
and bring someone with you. The dif- 
ferent departments arc doing their 
best to eclipse all previous records. 
The Sunday school is increasing rapidly. 

The Epworth League is thriving un- 
der the leadership of Thos.-H. Edlin 
and A. L. Gardner. The adoption of 
the program along with the program 
every Sunday has won many admirers 
for the League. The following, young 
ladies assist in making the program 
each w.eek: Misses Frances Howell, 
Bernicc Bronough, Adelle Jones, Myrtle 
Copeland, Constance Tyler, Cecil Gard- 
ner. An excellent program will be 
rendered next Sunday at 6 p. m. All 
arc invited to attend. 


The large congregation that packed 
the auditorium Sunday morning was 
treated to an agreeable surprise by 
tbe presence of our own Bishop 1L 
Blanton Parks, who preached a power- 
ful sermon on "Self-love." The eve- 
ning serriee was equally as well at- 
tended to hear Dr. Parks' second ser- 
mon of the scries on "Pilgrim's Prog- 
ress." The endeavor. choir will furnish 
music next Sunday evening at the third 
of the series. Come early if you desire 
good seats. 

Wednesday nigbt marked the closing 
of one of the most successful quarters 
in the history of the church. The stew- 
ard department hadn balance of S&t.riii 
in their treasury. Vfttn tbe magnani- 
mous suggestion of Dr. Peck, they pre- 
sented the trustees witb 150.00. This 
shows our pastor is imbued with the 
true spirit of Christianity. 

The Intermediate Endeavor is pre- 
paring a special program for Surrtlay 
evening, Mr. Russell Hees fill .lead 
the discussion of the topic, 
cordially invited. 


We had splendid services Sunday nl 
day. Pastor Perry preached two aer- 

mons. Our school Is in good condition. 
B. .¥. P. U. is taking nn new life. The 
president of our Mission Circle is able 
to be out again. For this- we are very 
thankful. There wis one addition at 
the 11 o'clock service. - Deacon Cartel 
is mending also Sister Whittcnburg 
Bro. Russell smd jno. Gates are on the 
sick list at the hospital. Eastor Perry 
was entertained by* Mr. and*Mrs. Foun- 
tain Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tankin are 
entertaining company from Mississippi 


The Third Anniversary Exercises and 
Celebration, beginning on ~Easte> Sun- 
day, April 8, and » .-program will 'be 
rendered each night by the different 
organizations nf the church. On the 
night of the 10th. a luncheon will be 
served to alt members and friends free 
of charge. We are arranging to pur- 
chase a new church, which will cost 
about 18,000, Rev, Dunavant invitei- 
the strangers coming to . the city tc 
come and make themselves at home 
with os. 



to the peopl 



The services were well ' attended Sun 

day, Bro. P. Thomas' preaebed and 
gave some wholesome advice. We ha< 
nail rally in the afternoon, con- 
ducted by visiting young Timothies. Dr 
Joynes, a white minister, preached on 
"Racial Love and Unity." Visitors 
' "invited to this church, and are as 
surcd a hearty welcome. Rev. D. W 
Morris, past or. 

The Seven Church Baptist Union met 
witb the Bethel Baptist Church, 2131 
Pine. . Rev. Robinson, pastor. Prayei' 
services were conducted by the deacons 
The meeting was called to order by 
Vice-President A. Dixon with some en 
eouraging remarks. Rev. Ellington was 
dear Brother Fox, he it' introduced and preached a good sermon 

St. Louis and vicinity that I have re- 
cently opened a store at 2917 Lawton 
Ave. with a stock consisting of slight- 
ly used furniture. Tugs, stoves and 
carpets. Also keep constantly on hand 
a line of new goods such as rooking 
uf nmls, brooms, bowls and pitchers, 
shovels, coal hods and many other 
things too numerous to mention. 

Slightly used furniture bought, soid 
and exchanged. No furniture, allowed 
to leave the store unless in good re- 
pair. All work done by expert work- 

A call at our store will convince. In- 
viting you to join the rapidly growing 
list of my customers, I am. Yours truly, 
P. T. Bowls*. 

Kinlocb, Central H171-L. 

WANTED— Several men and young, 
men, neat and good appearance. Good 
proposition. . A chance to make" J2r 
per week. Experience not necessary 
St, Louis Argns Office, 3341 Market St. 
between .4 and 5 p. m. 


, La»t Sunday was another tkispel 
feast-day for the members and friends 
who attended the morning services of 
St. Paul A. M. E. jChurelj. Quite a 
number accepted the invitation made 
by Dt. Johnson and joined the church. 
, .The church is spiritually Jive and 
the people seemed to have a mind to 
work... Strangers .always receive a 
hearty welcome. Do not fail to hear 
Dr.' Johnson Sunday mornin 




Largest Colored Fraternal Insurance 
Or der in the Wo rld. 

tnauret Against. Olsl Age, Sicksaesi, PermanaSnt Disability, Accident and Death. 
S150.0J0 For Protection Of Policy Holder* 
1 40 ,000 Paid as Benefit* 
$30,000,000 Of In.urs.nce Written 
The Oaly Society Extending Woodcraft to Colored People 


Cost* no mare than that Commercin.1 Policy that .- . ■ ' ' . 

gives only sick benefits. Forsame price you are 
now paying for little sick benefit The-American 
Woodmen will pay you while you live and leave 
j your family independent. 



Upto-Jat,; Ymm, Ahiad of Dot*. Oaf id* tf»*B*afn Path of lif, /rt.r/r Qnc «. 
Universally Popular' Rates Never Changing 

Sound as a Gold Dollar Solid as Gibraltar. 

Inquire Of 

GEO C. WARTIN aM H. L. BILLL'PS, National Demlise 

. . T. A. BOSS and F. A, 3UTLER. Deputies 

Douglass Motel. Cor. Beaumont and Lawton Phone. Kin. Ceo. 5396-L 


■ , P LP 





Mr. .!:■■,. Donald will leave, ths oity 
or bin home in Loi Angele*. 

Mia* M. O. Turner, of 314Sa Pine St. 
baa had m alight relapse. 

"Mis* Payne, of BStEn Cnrr, has been 
ob the sick lint for the put two weeks. 

Mr. W. H. Boon, of «24 Wast Belle, 
bat been confined to his bed for three 
weeks with illness. 

Mr. J". Wade baa returned home after 
a two weeks' itny with relatives in 

Jackson, Mo. 

Mra L. W. Hardin, of Junction City, 
Kansas, is vialtlug her daughter, Mra. 
8. D. Oliver, !l!i 3. Chaaning Ave. 

Mr.. and Mra. 8. D. Oliver, of XlVk 
8. Channing, announce the birth of 
their daughter, Waunetta . Hard I a 

ReV. J. W. Jacobs, P. rl, of the St. 
I... ni.- m.-inft i'. M. E. Church, ipent 
a few day* in the city mingling with 
family and friend*. 

Mr*. \V. M. Holmes, of S232 Adam* 
St., purehaicd a home at 6335 Wag- 
oner Ave., and wishes ber friend* to 
rail nod see her. 

Mr. T. B. Donald, of 3643 Union, 
who hu been on the lick liat for >onie 
time, left Tue»day night for New 
Ifaxlaa, for hi* health. 

Wm. B. Petty will leave Hi. Louis 
Saturday night for Dal ton, Mo., to bo 
the 'guest of Miaa Ruth Kay, one of tbe 
- teachers. 

Mr*. M. Harvey, of 26J1 Wash, re- 
turned' taat week from. the burin] of ber 
•inter-in- law, Elisabeth Burkhead, of 
Macomb, Mo. 

Mm Taan. Sproglia, of South Qraru 
Ave., returned laat Friday from a tin 
weaka' stag in Tyler, Texas, whore 
*ho eaapapaniiiil the remain- of bar 
brother, Sneat Beece, for burial. 

Mr*. M. E. Brown, of £731 Mark' 
hu returned from an extended trip 
South, where she visited relatives and 
friend", Mound BaJ^u, Greenville and 
Memphis being the principal place* at 
which she stopped. 

The St. Patrick's Day party given at 
the Ban nek er School was a delight to 
alL The evening was *pent in game*. 
-Prirrs were won by Agnes Smith, 
Geneva Reed, and- Mr*. P. Conn, The 
decorations were of green shamrock. ' 

Mrs. A. W. Seanckleford, of W>23 
West Belle, took part in a very pretty 
little party at the West End College 
for Girl* one night ls«t week. Mr*. 
Skicklrford played her part, the French 
hair dresser, with beanty and skill; 

Mr. and Mra. J. E, Wade, R29 Clara 
Ave., entertained nine for dinner Sua 
day in honor of their father. Mr. James 
Wade, of'Jaekson, Mo. They also took 
Mr. Wade automnbiling over the free 

The Excelsior Culture Club met witt 
Mr*. Lueinda William*. 4450 Kennerty 
Ave., March •'. A paper on Ptylis* 
Wheat ley. by Mrs. Mae Etta Steele and 
a recitation from Dunbar, by Mrs. 
ciada - Williams, (rere enjoyed- 


Mra. P. W. Dunavent, ET*9 Wain 
St-, president of Dermafti* Mannfscti 
ing Company, will leave the city in 
a few day* for an extended trip through 
tbe western state* ' in .the interest of 

, Mr. R. D. Muirhead, s. nan meter, of 
Nashville, Tenn.. and tbe father of 
Miss Bertha Muirhead. will make St. 
Louis his home. Hi* daughter. Miss 
Berths, will also he at home with ber 
father in a. few weeks. 

WASTED — Several young Indie 
represent the. Argus. Must be neat 
and good appearance. No experien 
necessary. The right kind can mil 
from tIS to tSS per week. Apply si 
one* at Bt. Louis Argus Ofllce, 3341 
Market Street, between* and S p m 

Mra. Anna Given*, of 10a Compton, is 
the sick list suffering with an at- 
tack of la grippe, i 

The. E. L. C. Club will give their tint 
Brand reception April 16, 1317, at tbo 
Pythian Auditorium. 

m to Mr. and Mr*. J. W. De Wees, 
of 841 B. Earing Avenue, a girl. Moth- 
er and dnughter doing nicely. ' 

rs. Eatolla Clay, £900 Lucas Ave, 
entertained a few friends at a birthday 
party Tuesday evening. Many beauti- 
ful presents were received. A three- 
course lunch was served and all de- 
parted wishing her roaily mriro happy 
years, I 

The Miscellaneous Club met at the 
residence of Mrs. A. J. Brown, 4285 N". 
Market, March 16. All spent a pleas- 
ant afternoon crocheting and embroi- 
dering. Though the notice waa short, 
the hoatess served a very appetizing 
two-course luncheon. The decorations' 
were beautiful in green and white being 
appropriate to the season. Clob will 
meet with Mrs. M. Garth, 1302 Bayard 
Ave., April 20. Mrs. M. Tyler, presi- 
dent; Mrs. H. Dunbar, secretary; Mrs. 
M. H. Chapman, reporter pro tern. 

Mrs. Lena Gamble, of £240 Randolph 
Street, was hostess to the Married 
Ladies' Needle- Club, Friday, March If). 
Fourteen members and four visiting 
ladie* *ere present. After 'the work 
hour of crocheting and needle woik, 
we were given Hcveml selections from 
the piano by Mrs. Blanch White; after 
which we were served the following 
menu by the hostess: Roast turkey with 
dressing, green pea*, cream potatoes, 
srhmicrknnc, salad, and hot biscuits, ice 
cream and cake. - Mrs. Herhert Hnlly 
made everv member. feel that abe wa* 
benefited -by being a member of the 
club. The visitor* were; Mrs. Maltie 
Morgan, Mrs. Blanch White, Mrs. Dora 
V. Priest, and Miss Addic Lewis. The 
■WKt meeting will be at the residence 
of Mrs. Gertrude Dunbar, 4293a Lucky, 
Friday, April 6. Mrs. Lena Gamble, 
president; Mrs. Marie Curtia, secretary; 
Mrs. KtBc S. Bush, rcpoiSer. 

Dont forget the Catholic .Knights' 
Bntl„.April 9, at Pythian Hall. 

T. W. O. A. 

<The Campaign hu bad full sway at 
Wheatley Branch this past week. Tbe 
worker* have shown untiring seal and 
great fnith. The returns Op to Monday 
amounted to f 2,358.90. The worker* 
have not been able to see to many pCo 
pin nnd hnve agreed to continue work 
ipg, reporting Thursday night of thii 
week and Tuesday and Thursday night. 
of next week. 

Great -growth ha* come to everj 
worker because of this effort. Many in 
spiring talks have boon given nt meet 
ing of the captains and worker* each 

Sunday afternoon Mis* Elizabeth Mc 
Far-land gave a wonderful talk at tbi 
mass meeting. 

The Christian worker* hold thci 
weekly meeting every Wednesday, ir 
the V. W. C. A. Reading Room. 

The Social Santa* Committee held i 
meeting in the Assembly Room Thur* 
dav evening. 

■Vesper Service will be held at 4:15 
p. m. Sunday after 


The annual 'thanksgiving nermon of 
the K. P. I-odge, Pnifonn Rank, and 
Courts of Calanthe, of St Louis, .will 
be held at Metropolitan A. M. E. Zion 
Church Sunda/, Han* 23th, at 2 p. m. 
Rev. R. H. Cole will deliver the nd 
dress. Tho*. McCorrister, Marshall of 
the day, % 

Tha American Beauty Embroidery 
Clnb held their monthly meeting with 
Mr*. Anderson. 4313 Cottage, All of 
the members were present. There were 
three visiter* A delightful lunch was 
served. The meeting atourned to issct 
April 3 with Mra. J. H Brown. I":' 
West Bella. 

Doa't forget " FORO 
Movie* at St. Jsnir* A. M. E. Church, 
comer Pendicles a ad St. Ferdinand 
Area, Friday night, March 30th. 



Mr Roger at Baldwia. secretary of 
the 'Civic League of St Loais, will ad 
lira tha EllvardsviIIe Civic Laagae. 
Swadny afteraooa. March U, at 4 
o 'clack, at Bt- James Church, 
and eta, Fetal ana a Av«a. . Mrs. Ida 
Meyers will stag. Adauaaiaa fres. 

Don't Forget the Catholic Knight* 1 
Ball, April B, at 'Pythian Hall. . 


On Wednesday evening, March !*, 
1917, at McPheeter's Memorial Pres- 
byterian Church, Goode and Cote Bril- 
liante Ave*., there will be a musical 
concert given under the management 
of Mrs. Estefle Seal* Scoggins, for the 
benefit c-f. the church. 

Why not spend a pleasant evening 
listening toffee r«mpo*itions of musi 
eal writeralof two distinct races. You 
will ?njoy jtbe Vocal -wad instrumental 
nolo*, tbe Quartette of female voices. 
the qoart/tte of mixed voice* and those 
of ahe chorus. 

Don't fail yi bear, the .creditable 
compositions Of tbe Colored writer*-.. 
aaeh *• James Alyn Mundy, Gerald Ty- 
ler, W. Elmer Keetoq and Barry Bur 
leigh. This progrsis .will ba rendered 
by some of Bt. Loaia' best talent. Ad- 
mission, 10 cants, K«.T. L. J. Washing 
ton, pastor; J. L. Taylor, secretary 

for D. M. O. Birk 
etta. Past Hoyal Pairaa of tbe Oraei 
of Eutern Ktar, ■ ill b* hef.l at the Ma- 
sonic Ball Sunday. Match 25, at 3 p 
n. The public ia invited. Mrs. Q. E 
aksothnlaad, G. it. ,l>., M. A. Hedgt- 
iKi.«, Secretary, j* 

Lester Smith £700 N. 11th 

Ida Wilson 1426 Singleton 

Harrison Henderson. .388 8. Montrose 

Edna Logan 328 8/ Montrose 

Eugena Menders 1609 Lindon 

Battle Nash 4370 Labadle 

William Bernggs.. . .Valley Park, Mo. 

Mra. Cora Sims Mincke, Mo. 

Felix Montgomery 1321 Morgan 

Mrs. Mary Clark ££23 Pine 

Dave MinsUra.ii 3310 Law tun 

Elmira Greenfield... 3310 Lawton 

Eddie Carter Danville, 111. 

Mrs. Elite Hebron 2333 Market 

William J. Austin. .1010 N. Leffingwell 

Uattie Mae Ford ...;3331 Pine 

Wilson Clay: 1807 N. Oth 

,M-:». Ebbie Hawkins 1207 K Bth 

Albert Means 2329 Adami 

MinnTe Wade 'JaeluoD, Mo. 

Ed. Davidson 21W prntiot 

Georgia Wilson 1310- Gratiot 

Benj. Ferguson. ..* Lovejoy, 111. 

Warneater Jackson Lovejoy, 111. 

Walter B. Porter ..2017a Eugenia 

Mrs. Pearl Johnson £717 Walnut 

William Inghram 783 N. 23td 

Mrs. Mary Roberta 2223 Lucas 

Clarence Bland ....Festus, Mo. 

Mattie Owens 2345 Market 

Jessie Jaekntra. . .'. 2210 Chestnut 

Mrs. Nolio Manaon...... 2210 Che.-t nut 

Charley Edwards, Jr 

Maryland Heights, Mo. 
Mary Mitchall .-. 

Maryland Heights, Mo. 

Pearl J. Holt .Eagle Park, 111. 

Carrie Campble Eagle Park, 111. 


Mrs. Margucri'e A. Bolden Wishes 
to announce the engagement of her 
daughter, Gurtea Maybel, to Mr. Wil- 
liam E. D. Hamilton. 

The mnrriago will be unlemniieil hy 
Bev. J. H. Parker. Miss Bolden is the 
daughter of the late Rev. G. Bolden, ..f 
Henderson, Ky. Mr. Hamilton i* of a 
prominent family nf Meucham Park. 
Mo. The wedding will take place at 
the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs, 
Georgia Eblen, at 3111 Lucu Ave., B:S0 
o'clock, April ££. 

The Grand Calanlhcan liaiaar, whicl 

will be held at the Pythian ball, on< 
Week from Monday, March 2d, to Sat 
nxday, March 31, inclusive, will be thi 
flrst of a series of big events in antiei 
pation of tho coming Supreme Lodgi 
of Pythian*. The CaWnthean Bniaai 
will be a gala a,fl"nir. The auditoriui/ 
will bo elaborately decorated and many 
booths, tended by the flower of our 
Womanhood will be at the service of all 
who attend. Friday night, March 30, 
will be the big night, tin this evening 
all tho Calanthean ladies will be t&a 
guests of the New Orpheu* Academy, 
The full Orpheus Academy Orchestra, 
under the leadership of Prof. Wm. 11. 
Flowers, will furnish the tiiuxic anil 
Jas. 97, Grant will be master i>f cere- 
monies. Although this night will of- 
fer a double attraction, there 
no advance in price*. Mrs. Bertha T: 
Bw-kner is general manager. 



Addic Morton, £019 Eugenia. 
Baby HasaOton. 2331 Lncu. 

Eugene Jneksnn, 4410 MafHtt 

Martha Collins, 29A0 Market 7 

Oscar Reed, £231 Scott I mont 

Maggie Williams, 915 Brooklyn......! 

Robert KmaVMB 1-awton 7 

G. M. C. Mason, S3W Liicas., ..? 

Lander McCollap, S22 S. Ewing 1 

Lucy Cobb*, 2810 Laclede 8 

Sletcher Page, 417 S. Garrison 

Geo. Campbell. 2956 Market 3 

Isella Finney, 3407 Lawton B 

Chan. King, City Hospital... 

Louise Nothao, 3229 Lasnllc fi 

Chas. Murrell, MM Baldwin 4 

Wm. Washington, 230fl I'apin 1 

Daniel Sanford, Isolation Hospital. .3 

Erwin Carter, 4£20b Fairfax., v 

Chas. Gasoway. 4220b Fairfax. .11 mi 

Wm. Redman. 4263 Fairfax L..3 

John Bee, £10 Plum 9 

L. Gilbert, 905 M. Leonard 6 

Willi* Lewis, 10£ S. Channing 3 

Florence Smith, 1335. Gay.'. 4 

Jesaie Clark, 911 Biddlr.. .-. ...1 

Charlie Scott, 1024 Chestnut fi 

Nornh Walton. 9!>5 », Leonard 2 

Kenneth White, 1725 Tciu : 

Vivian 8 Bnniett, 112 tt.. Leonard 

Jesse June*, 4000 Papin 

Lilian Stark., 418 S. Garrison I 

Wm. A be rent hy, 2323 Pine 2 

Valeio Andrews, 3536 Bernard- . 15 duv 


I Wish to thnnk my dear relat 
friends nnd neighbor* for their I 
ness during the illness and death of 
my beloved husband, Swing Jewell 
and for tbe beautiful floral offerings 
ami ita*. S. 1'air for his words of sym- 
pathy. Tbe bereaved wife, 
Nannie E. Dick-u, Gambia, 

March is, 1917 
Two years ago you left u*. dca 
mother. , Wo mis* you so very much 
Your absence never will seem natural 
. .Sadly misn'd by children. Inorine am 
Hiawatha, husband, and her dear and 
true friend, Mrs. Susie Gillespie. 


C. Redmond, who died March £n. mil 

Three years, but memory's freih luda; 
As when, he passed, away. 
Had tbe hoiVr death 's angel came 
The home has never been the same. 
But some day on yonder shining shore 
We'll meet again to part no more; 



,« There will be upectal Euter services 
at this church in connection with our 
rally for (he benefit of the bulldinir 
fund Euter rnindsy night at * o'cloek 
p.m. Rector Weal herford will deliver 
the principal address. Ctubjeet: "I'hri-t 
Is Ri*en A* He Said.'' Other spiritual 
advisers wJU be present, to entertsin 
you. On Palm Sunday Bower* will tsl- 
used' iastead of palms. Evervbedy ia 
vite.1 J. H Weatberford, Kectur, Mrs. 
M. Owaas, Secretary. . 

Toa will sua* a wonderful treat if 
fail to sc* the avsw'-'POHO" COL 
LKQE Movie*, at Bt. James A. M.E 
Church, Cor. Pendleton nnd 81 Pardia 
ud Avea., Friday night, March 30th. 

Calanthian Bazaar 

Week BcgiunUig March 26. Friday Will 
Ba Big Night— New Orpheus Acad- 
emy Will Entertain all CaU.ii 
tbcin Ladies. 


There will be baptizing at Central 
in the morning. In tho afternoon at 
three o'clock the supper of the Lord 
will be observed.' at which time the 
hand of fellowship Will be given 'to 
all the new members not yet fellow- 
shipped: In tbe morning the pastor 
will preach on the subject! "The Flow- 
ing Fountain. " In the evening he will 
preach on "The Bravest of Men." 
On Wednesday night, March 28, all the 

by the officers anil auxiliaries and nieni- 
bers'of'tho church. Refreshments will 
be served. It riill be n treat family 
got-together meeting. All the new 
members who have joined. Central since 
the new year came in. either by letter, 
experience or by baptism are expected 
to be present on that evening. A brief 
spiritual program wiH be rendered. 
The chtier is busy getting ready f,.r 
their Easter music, which promise!! to 
be this year a glurious feast and in- 
spiration fur the soul. 

Tuesday wa* Tag Day for the 2,iaHJ 
Dime Rally, which will be Suitdav, 
March 2otth 40OK Finney, Wediave col 
leeled 234 dimes and we hope you will 
ant leave out your dime a* we need. 
l,7flfl dimes yet'.- Vnur paate* may 
there. Come.u.nd see. The fulloni 
mini* ten will preach: liev. Gray, ni 
ter of cerenxmies: Rev, Muck lit Id 
Johnxni. Itev. J. H. Ainlerwin, past 
will preach Siitnlav tiigkr, "A* t 
Eagle Stira'iler- Neat," 


Facial Ma*sage 

Do You Believe in 
Safety First in Hair Culture 

If M Start Rtfht and Insure Stitty By Uiing 

"The Slaughter System^ 


Lyda's Hair Beautifier 

Tnala Mark, Rag. U- S. Patent efHo. 

Guaranteed to Grow Hair in Six treatment* or 
m««e.y refunded. We handle Human Hair Good, at 



E. Slaufhter Gamble 


MM Uwtw Ave. St. Lews, lb. 


! 3S 

r »ll ti_li»nu. 


• 1VSH aj 



We also guarantee that 
the teeth will not hs> con- 
tinually breahinR a*. 


The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO., 614 Olive St. 


(killl.t Wilts on Tub Uvin Time Vuu I 



1 Basket for -10 Cents 

6 " " — « -SO " 

13 " " ,— $100 

28 " " : - - *a.oo 


1. K. Banks and Watkins 

Z1S S. LsTfisftll. ' *U I. Ufistwsll. M 5. E-iat ' 

Second Annual 





presents. ita *ccipnJ anrrual c 
ni Hi.- Surnnrr"lli|;b Sch 
benrft or Miiiimon* rVhiM 
evening, March £U,.at:8 p 
• ion li.r u.lult", .15 cents: -liililrcn, I' 
rents, ttntne.-snil for tbi- ' »(>nre o 
tbrce htnuaf f»r(i't vou arV a uruwn 
ap, Hi' a vhil.l ntiain witb. I In- "child ret 
Sea the little tot* in th.-ir rhythroi 
ax.vciii.-ni*. lim lit Hi- ehiMr™ of th 
a W e of ilvw-yaar* «n tho *t"KC at on. 
lime Dnwnallaad Hay ptim-* . t.j "the 
rhililn-n of thn MWOM 
ilane.-a hy rhil.lrcn of 
f.iiirth i;railr* in c»*tunic>. I'atisthanie 
eiercisc* by children of tlic Tlfth and 
•isth urailrs.- Musieal nmnlHTs by 
,-bildrcn of sevenib aa4'*i(C*tb srade*'. 
X. B. Word.-l'rcs.; R. II. i-l.'. frin- 
clpal:' ¥'. tr.Mcanx, Sccrctarv-. 

■rLalllini ni 
I, for Ih 


ii. Adtui 


Tbe quanerly , n .-clio« U.t So^.l.y Es^onp 

was largely attended, and the aeratoa. ^Arf,- p j,tures of •'PliUO 
ana preached ft* Bcv.- W.' H. Burnette ,_,..„,.. Krid<T n i B ht, March 
ofKirkwood. B.-s>nning ftunday , March. H| j, m „ A M ' E. Church 
2!ith, the paalor, Kev. S. S. I'.irhcr. -.11 ¥ *tM'w] and Paadleton Avrt 

the text, "1 Have Hinned,' 1 He ' 
begin with I'haraoh and ci.dLnp. with 
ProdiRBl Hon. ^11 w.illbe well. for th 
who can .Id be -present (u hear the fi 
*icrmotr, and keep up Hrth tbi-in ti. 
end. The church ha* been divided ii 
four political parlies (or a rally. t "- 
ing scrvicr* 11 a. m.; Sunday sea 



Soaday, March Idlh. will 1* lona t* 
tiemlieri'd by those who -worshiped at 
Wayman raareb. The Sunday whool 
under it*-new supenateDdeiil. is taking 
oa new life. With the continued «. 
operation of his co-workers, this school 
will lake jl* place Sssssjtg the foretnosl 
"undsy B-hools in. tj.-i.'iiy. The En 
deavor under ils emcicnt leader i. do- 
■sif some real work. Bi*hop _H. B 
Parks preached s splendid sermoo Hnn. 
dav.i>i;hr. rttranajcr* and visitor* *n 
always welcome at all tke *ervirea of 
the eharch. 

Doat forfct the Catholic Kaiaatu 
April t, at 1-yihisa Ball. 

(mioR to 


• Whan at New TOrk City Tl 

'Vaman's ExcbaiKe and Beauty 
13fi W. 133ml St. Mm- B, B. 
dtfSBj Prop. "Wuone M-ls9. 


And look at My Five Point Motor 

Player. 1B17. We Have the Only 

One ID St. Louis 


We arc pleased lo announce that IfJ 
.1. T. Bush. 'Prof. £. D. Harailinn. ass 
Mr: J. H. I Jn-iaa and Mra. 0. Thoma. 
»re specially' anthoriicd to- take sppji 
cation* for membership in the f*t. Louti 
ramp of Apieriean Wo<«1men. Thi 
esmpaiEO for -l,fl00 members i* on *' 
.pecial di.penMtion of Rift Geo. 0. 
Martin, Nat ioaal' Deputy. 

Agents Wanted 

T* Haas!* DUMATJU HAIR aad 



Why can t I give you the same or 
betlcr ^ndueemetits offcre.d bv afly deal- 
er when I an. hacked by a t4.0ftfl.fifW 
eapitalf I ran and do sell at' niann- 
faeturcr '• iwice. My showroom is 
small, I'u! irreat is Ha/TaaWfy resource*. 
You don 'I have to pay the middlemen '* 

same as from" the factory to your home. 
Player pianos, from rt'HI ta ILOftO: 
uprinht", f-'ifl to »MW. Vou don't need 
to irorrv if limn* c»t hard, we can carry 
■natai l"C.^ as anyone Phone liomont 
17BjWor r^ll at uiv More, EW«T*e- 
lede'Av-: 'C H. Watkins 


-niaa a wonderfol treat if 
fail to see the new * ' POBO " COT, 
LEHK Moiies, at ft, .lame* A. M. E. 
Church. Cr.r ' Pendleton and Bt. Terdia- 
and Ave*, t'ridsy night, March 30ik.; 


Brick cottages in Elleardsville, no. 
ihontkly payments. Orcat bargain*. If 
yon are in the market, see mc at once. 

Hu (chins Inge. 
Donglass Hotel Bsilding, SA45 Lawton 

A veaae. 

Thai raeaa aaa saam ». reatad. Ad 
swrtsia ta Tka Arsnas 



Negro Business 





ParaonaJi Bt^ioeas and fro- 
EBasicmal Cords, BuBinass 
Qjano!a, For Sue or Rent 
Houses, ydtorej. Flats. 6c per 
line; rnfransnrn li>b. 

IhiHi Wante^Situations Want- 
ed, For Rent Rooma. IQaqms 
and Board, 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c 


tapiay Add 50c per inch 
;rU BUes jn'4-tfme Ada. 


Tunes-, Repairer and Finisher 

of Pianos Reed and Pipe Or^an 

Expert Work Guaranteed. 

IWdwrtn Y. M. C A. BU14.. 
702 Liwton Ava. . St. Louis. 

CHAS. S. PERKINS. .'.. . 

Sign Painter and Inurlar Wmut 
Flrst-fJlaas Wsifc. 


Xha *M 1'irket .tor*. jrf«« u4 
U.U. ATM. Oat rat* frilM, 
Mn is .fits iiiuM, tod ■ 


lot SOxlM, with 

a*U**\ ■*«, as-i goo4 «UtWB "lUr sa 
■■M *«t»lil», two poreh** on north aad 
■nit ■**•*. Oraaituid Id front, a*ar 
Owl R*u» Worth ta,BM, ui W 
swaght far )1,M0 cub. OaU ui in- 
spect, 4SI Beakemaia At*. Apply at 
«*T tatmiiii An., Clsytoa, It*. Aik 
f« SwaJal Win, (Hi) 

FOR BALE: Tn« owner BAH "•alL" 
This is the bWt bargain H V. Bell*. 
A Ave and sii room single flat. Gas 
mil .electric Ilitures. Id first etas* 
condition, Terms to nit. 800 J 
.Mitchell, 1341 Market. Phone, 1 

White people who have bought more 
than one thousand lota Ln old KlaJoch 
Park have b«cn paying the earns prices 
on the same tonus aa the Colored peo- 
fty who have bought in South Klaloeb 
Park. If there is any difference, the 
Colored people hay* been getting- the 
beat of It, because South Kulooh Park 
U nearer the city and haa better street 


Yoo cannot afford to ncglset joas- 

crcs, II the* bother you, hare than 

tested free. Glasses fitted from II Be 

up. Fifteen year*' experienca. 


2WS alarlNt St. 



and back rOOO 
3228 Tin.. SI. 

illy furnished fr 

TOR RENT.— Throe «ingle rooms 
Mi bath, fareiiaad; elnetrie lights and 
lalvphene fr**, Foreat .i-.OI. 

WANTED.-r-2n building n- 
Steady employment. Hood 
I'oben Hwarti Kail and Steal 
It ranch St. 

WANTED— Men «ur sower. 
stradr Job, tun years' work. 
at ibe flilt Edge NewVCe^, 2.10 
ket street. 

LiceJwtd and honoWt, electrical 
contractor. We will wire yoor 
or new home and famish yon 
tnree and fire von six months tc 
rear to pa T for It. Pan* rented, 
tad repaired. 

"The rose la red, 
r The Ho I en an bwa, 

I seed roar work 

Ai.l where do too." 

Cafl «r write me. 2J1I Urn 

Reonsoat 8701L Cha*. H Soil 

FOB BBNT.— Nicely 
toana; hent, phone and eh 
■112a Wert Bella Phone, I 

t urnixliril 

rlfl light", 
i.i.-ll ".",,-,1. 

FOR RENT— Neatly furnished room, 
modern Bon^fnianoe. No other room- 
rt: .Mn. Sanford, 40;iia Went. Belle, 
IjbuVII 1253. 3 8-d. 

MEN WANTED; Cotored nn-n 21 to 
J5 year* of nge. .. -'..■:,: ponitions u 
(laopiBg oar porter* or train portera 
01 Mi—. :r, roada, writa fur eppliea 
naa blank and information. No tx.- 


ladiaaepoliii, Ind. 


bum hi partner with ranh of IM<>, tc 
go one half . Intereateil track - farm 
lag. puultr and in-,: r ,.-■.:■_- with xtand 
Farm at Bamhart, 
<"' mile* fro'm St. Lonta, B. S 

at nu 

neeood Bnor, for 
day. 3969 Cook 
3*11 or Bomilnt 

A nice furniahad room, 
Rcntlemen. Call San 
Ave. Phnne, Lindell 
3396. . 4-3-2 

FOR RENT: Three. 

ewaetadeaea. Olulnn 
Rent verv reaaaaaUa. 
932 M. Mr "..Granl 

r«ima,' moder 
ant deeirable. 
I'hunr, Colfai 
r.n»H Marnira. 
(4 3-H.l. 

FOR SALE: One lei '50x133) Sontl 
Kinloeh. Pricr S^tno or .will trade 
What have runt 'Addreaa Mt. Bteg 
■an»; 1421 Hi annual A*a, St. Laabi 


TtlK HENT— Mod" 
flat*, bath. pfe. Fin 
ISM i lU ca» Ave. 1 
' Lindell 32*0. ■ 

ROOM WANTLil--\ .teeadeJaUa 
couple would like r,. «>ot fueni-bed 
room in rraBeetsiiii 1 .family. I'h'ne 
Lindell "lifti W. 

■Ol SALE: Unek b.ntae.- sii 
hath. ea» and furnace.. Open 
Susdar •fteraeon ui three 
Tetnu. cheajk 425." W. Bel!- 

rOR KENT— Two forewhed front 

etc 102S Whitlier 

Real gold-llled eyegleaeee for only 
ooe dollar. Uoaey baeh if yge waat 
Bale Monday, and Teeaday at 
Barer O. Donalaaa, Praaiil fttaa Bear 
Quality and BerTlae Store, SaW 
North Pendleton Aeanna. 

We actually tell yoa the geaaine 
gold-nlted eyeglaue* or raeetael* 
framta. fnaranteed to aanay 1-ltth 11 
karat gold llled, and' to wear for. tea 
yean. Stmllar glaaaaa alaawaara, CUI 
up. With theia framea ii a pair of our 
genuine periaeopie erysul. leaeea, fitted 
free by ear expert optieiu, who haa 
hid yeara of eiperianee in fttting 
.;."'■ For only one dollar. Special 
leoaei extra. 13 W rltakMM glaaaea 
•He; 13.00 bifocal*, two pair* la on* 
for 1300. Similar glaaaaa •laewb.r*. 
WOO aad H.N " 

The good Color** people of South 
Kinloeh Park hare built themaelree a 
little city of which they bare • right 
to be proud. 

More than a hundred homes, three 
chnrnhea, and a splendid pnblla aebool 
have been built In the laat few years. 
And now we hare ■omtthiug new 
that la going to mean a bigger, aad bet- 
ter Booth Kinloeh Park, f 

We have been able to inUuce a sma- 
ller of white people of go«d standing 
to come in with n* end eo-operata with 
na— to help with their money, their in- 
fluence and their good will to make 
South Kinloeh- Park a bigger and bet' 
tar place for the aeU-respeeting Negro 
to lire and make hia home. 

Wa on™ given theaa peopls a big 
ahare of onr profit * in order to get 
their help, becanae wa believe it la for 
the benefit of everybody concerned. 

Ws have always been ready to give 
land to the church es at a nominal prirc 
— becanae wo believed they wonld help 
Sooth Kinloeh Park. 

We have always been rendy to give 
land to *ehool* and public Institution! 
at a nominal price — becanae we believe.] 
they would help Booth Kinloeh Park. 
And dow we are giving land to a cer- 
tain number of white people of good 
standing at a nominal pnre beeau.ia 
we believe their money, their inflnenec 
aad their good will are going to help 
Broth Kinloeh Park. 

If - yon have any f rienda who have 
been thinking of baying, urge them to 
there >r* bAger' j 

Young .movie actress who baa woo 
wide favor Among follower* of the 
•creed drama. 

and better thing* in store far South 
Kinloeh Perk. 


Marvelous Strength Shown 
By Insects In Proportion 
' To Their Size Explained. 

An Insect measuring 2'i Inches can 
draw a, little wagonette of tin weighing 
nearly 1% pounda Increasing tbo 
weight by one-half, the Insect can con- 
tinue to drag Its load n few 1 
paces. In other words. It can drag 40 
times Its own weight. 

One leg of this same insect, when at- 
tached to a dynamometer, was able to 
moTa a weight of half a pound. If a 
man weighing 125 pounds were to per- 
form the equivalent of this feat be 
wonld have to lift 1,230 pounda with 
ono hand. 

Another Insect of the "Hercules" va- 
riety, weighing three ounces, wus able 
to support on Its buck a brick weighing 
over a pound. A human being, If sab- 
Jected to a proportionate weight, wonld 
be crushed. 

Tho ordinary housefly . can lift a 
match between two of Its feet and 
carry 1L A human being, to perform 
• similar feat, would have to lift a 
«fc Tarda id length and lfl lochea 


Will Promote a Full Growth of 
Hair, Will also Restore the 
Strength, Vitality and the Beau- 
ty of the Hair. If your Hair is 
Dry and Wiry Try 

East India Hair Grower 

If you are bothered with Fal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching; Scalp 
' any Hair Trouble, we want you to 
The remedy contains medical proper- 
ties that go to the roots of the Hair, 
stimulates the skin, helping nature do 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky: Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The 
best known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Iron for Straighten- 
Price Sent b y Mail. 50c; 10c Extra for Po*tag« 


. jFjSte prISar $ I S. D. LT0NS, Ges. A|L 314 E. 2d St 

1 Fac* Cnam ,od Direction. | ■ J m ' 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 



(Pnrnwrir *f Oa Butoa A*a.) 






■ 2117 Market St. 

re* fmn— lasti— am* ffsnmmsaai 
Hu aa ft l B-JS a an. la MR ft sa. 


ml know "ymir rights. Send 20 eeata. 
Send to Fitzgerald k Delp, Fenaian 
icy, Indianapolis, lad. 

For Sale 

Best oarp:ain on W. Belle. 
5 and 6 room flat. Real Cheap. 
4411 W. Beile. See .- . 

J. E. Mitchell, 

Argus Office 



Sf am and Hut Water Radiator 
A Specialty AH Kinds- of 

- SiuveH Kepaired. Call . . 

E. M. Paachall 
4314-a. Lucky St. Louis, Mo. 


Odd Pale.. Hall. Mi morn 

Sire*. Ntwlv 


The eooaiag and aewing elsaaes of ta* 
Raaafker Evening School, Locas aad 
Ewing A Tea.,, offer splendid opportoni 
tie* to women and young girl* wishing 
instruction* m tho** h ranches. Ta* 
school 1* open every Uonday, W*dnH- 
d«y *ad Mday *rom 7 to 9 p. in. 
Everything is free. 


What Is the secret of this marvelous 
BOvngto of creatures so tiny and de- 
fenselesB that ooe cuo kin them with 
one linger? 

Prof. A. Schmidt points out that 
gravity and atmospheric pressure have 
everything to do with 1L Also, In or- 
der to compare the weights drawn •.,- 
different animals, it Is necessary to re- 
duce the weight curried to the- same 
thickness as the animal's muscles. Bat 
tbo muscles of Insects are by no means 
abnormally thick, nor are they larger 
In proportion than the muscles of man 
or other animals. Therefore, sn animal 
ten Umes the size of sn, Insect should 
be able to carry 100 times as heavy a 
load, owing to the relative size of the 
muscles. But Instead of carrying a 
heavier load they carry a much smaller 
load proportionately than the Insect, 

This Is. because the animal ten Umes 

larger than the Insect, bos 1,000 times 

the mesa to carry. This fact explains 

the strength, of Insects and the com- 

. punitive weakness of the elephant 





Spirit Medina 

Superstitions of the Kitchen. 

Cooking Is such practical everyds 
work that It seems strange for auper- 
;atltIons to Invade the kltchea. 
[probably there Is not a cook in the 
| world wbo. would venture to stir any 
Sort of mixture, from a custard to a 
| gravy. In any other direction than 
; "with the sun." Many a cook will tell 
you that a cuatiird' will curdle If 
stirred, In the opposite dlrecUan, and 
that a cake will be. heavy If the mix- 
ture be not alvraya worked round ran- 

It Is a common saying that if the 
crank of a churn be reversed — after 
turning it mthe proper direction for 
a ttrn*' — all the work wlU be undone. 
In some parts of the country, when 
butter doe* not come easily, a bve 
coal la placed under the churn, "so as 
to save It from bewitchment" 

When It First Happened. 

The first steamboat piled tie Hud- 
son In 1807. 

The first saw-makers* | anvil was 
brought to America In ISIS. 

The first use of a locomoUve In this 
country was in 1820. 

Kerosene was first used for lighting 
purposes in 1826. 

The first horse railroad was built In 

The first ludfer natch was made ln 

The first Iron steamship was made 
In 1830. 

The first ateel pen was nade In 
1830. ~, 

Omnibuses were introduced" In New 
York In 1S30. 

Ships were first -copper-bottomed* 

In 1837. 

Envelopes were first used In 1830. 

Anesthetics were discovered In 1844. 

" The first steel plate was discovered 

In 1830. 

"' '•'■'- entire Hebrew Bible was print- 
ed In 1488. 

Gold waa first discovered In Call. 
fornla In 1848. 

Cnrtstlanlty wan Introduced into 
Japan In LMU. 

First almanac printed by George von 
Fnrback In 1400. 



' Keep oyster shells; charcoal and 
suitable grit before the hens at all 

Vegetables at some kind should be 
fed the p«ltry the year round— cab- 
bage, potatoes, beets, turnips, etc. 

Poultry droppings are possibly not 
fully esteemed for their value as. a fer- 
tilizer in the field and garden. 

When the mornings are cold, take 
the chill off tbe drinking .water, but do 
not make it warm. 

Where feather-eating Is practiced, 
try giving tbe fowls some sulphur, one 
teaspoonful In the soft feed ef every 
three fowls, two times a week. 

The Incubator lamp should be Oiled 

Superstition and Bees. 

Bees are . connected with various 
BuperstlUons. It Is considered unlucky 
when an unclaimed swarm of bees set- 
tles on one's premises. Beea are sup- 
poaed not to thrive - if they are tbe 
subject of a. quarrel. Perhaps the 
Bloat interesting eopentltion about 
bees Is the custom of -telling the bees" 
of a death In -tbe family. In early 
England, when n member of tbe- fam- 
ily, died, the bees were told of It and 
Invited to the funeral; aometimea a 
piece of crape was put on the hive. 
This custom has not died out entirely. 
— Philadelphia Evening Ledger. ' 

Udder Which Cant Slip. 

A ladder Which can be. nsed with 
equal facility on a sldehill or to the 
home baa been Invented. It baa two 
additional legs or props, one at each 
aide, This prevents the ladder from 
slipping, and increases Its- strength. 
When the" ladder Is 00 * level surface 
both extra, legs art- used, but when It 
la aaed on a hill or on uneven ground 
only the lag "on the downhill side ta 
aacaaaary ss the prop. 

and cleaned every day at 

Sounded Suspicious. 

"Young nwo," asld the country conn- 
eel to the reporter of a aouthem paper, 
"you have done me Irreparable barm." 
. "What have I doner asked the be- 
wildered reporter. 

"I got In largely on a temperance 
platform, as yon may recollect'' 
. "Yea, air." ' 

"And you speak of sM ln this morn- 
lug's paper as "drinking my coffee with 
gusto.' It will take me more than a 
lifetime to get It out of the Heads'- of 
my constltucntB that gusto isn't aom'e 
kind of alcoholic beverage." 

Thai Ray of Joy. 

. "So her hus- 
band van killed 
in a train wreckl" 

'She must have 
felt terribly about 

"She did, bat so 
long as he had to 
die she was glad 
It happened thai 
way because sht 
collected double 
Indemnity on bit 
accident insur- 

Had It on Her. 

Tbat young man of yours," aold tbe 
parent as his daughter came down tc' 
breakfast "should apply for a post in 
a freak museum," 

"Why, father," exclaimed the young 
lady. In tonea of Indignation, "what 
do yon mean*? 

"I noticed vben I passed tWoagb 
the hall late lost ulght'^^uiswered ths 
old man, "that he had two beads upon 
bis shoulder," ** ■ 

To Lazy to Rest 

Mrs. Smith Is one of those persons 
who, conscious of her own virtues, 
never loses an opportunity to disparage 
herself. Chief among her virtues It 

"Surely, you. must be tired, auntie"/' 
said an admiring niece. "How can yon 

will give ample time to regulate the 
. flame by night ■» .. 

A cackle over an egg la a good deal 
better than a cackle over gossip. 

Changing feed will sometimes start 
bensto laying that are not doing so. 

Green bones dropped Into tbe rangs 
and all wed to burn, not only make 
plenty of heat but furnish excellent 
charcoal for tbe poultry. 

Chickens and lice do not thrive well 
together. The lice generally get the 
best of the deal at the expense of tbe 
chickens. Lk\- are not saiabli 
rid of them. 

Many a man who will not use . 
poor plow, arid many n woman who 
v.-unts the best cookstove or range, 
will still spend their time taking care 
of a poor ben.. They" ere all Just tools. 
The best la none too good and la always 
tbe moat profitable. 

This wor * "o long without a restT" 

■ »miiiHiniiuiiim « 


The new collar Uoe of the pep- 
?um blouoea Is- three Inches be- 
low thi- base of tbe neck an the '. 
' way^ronnd. 

These peplnm blouses have 

and baa all the simplicity of 
"middy,"' but Is embroidered and - 
h has Sawing Unea. 
| I'niqut- and lovely abodes of • I 
i 'tan have an- unusual, plnklsb 


New also is a pale, greenish' 
gray that has been named "as- 

"Oh, my dear," said Mrs. Smith, 
humbly. "I think It Is becanae when 1 
begin a piece of work I am too lot) 
to stop." 

She Didn't' Have It 

There waa a 
timid knock at 
the door. 

"If yon please, 
'Kind lady," the 
beggar said, "Fve 
lost my left leg — " 

"Weil, It nlnt 
b'ere." retorted 
tbe lady of tbe 
h 1 o u n e and 
slammed the door. 

ComplUaterf Calculation*. 
"Has your husband quit work?" 
. "Yes. He has figured It out that he 
can save more by staying home and 
running the furnace economical]! 
than he 'can earn by going down- 


Thirty-seven thousand verses have 
been submitted by the Japanese peo- 
ple, ln the .annual poetic competition 
under Imperial auspice*. Ibis year 
the subject ha The Distant Snow-Clad 
Monntaln." AT the anal examination 
six poems will be selfctasl and rearf 

"What do you think of our friend' 
the efficiency expert p'" 

"He's a wander. He's aotnethlng like 
R fortune teller I once knew. He 
could make a colossal fortune on hi* 
own account If be -were not so gen- 
erous about selling precioua Informa- 
tion at nominal fees." ' 

Loaned th» Telephone 
Mistr ess Goodness, Bridget where 
Is our telephone? 

Bridget— Mrs. Jones sent over, mum, 
flsfcln' for the use nv It and I had the 
dim's own t£,lme glnln' It off the wall. 

Finest Private Library. 
The finest ." private library in- the 
world is sold to belong to Heu-y E. 
Huntington of New York. Mr. Hunt- 
ington's [rarcsases In tbe Hoe sate 
alone aggregated about *1.i»ju.i«a'. 
Since then he has bought the famous 
Church library of ABwrtcnna, the Hal- 
eey sod Chew coUeettoaa and several 
small hot very Important UhrarMs In 
London. Including the collection made 
by the duke of Devonshire. 



There Is a 


tlarv of CormpcDdtoc* Department, 
tioody Blbll laHllat*. Chlcs«o 

TEXT— And bring us not Jatu (cntpu- 
tlcn. but deliver us'from the evil ona-~ 
R. V. M.m. 1:11. 

The- Paternoster, or wbat we corn- 
manly, although erroneously, call the 
Lord's Prayer, la 
nsed by ronltl- 
tndei of people lo 
■11 lands where 
the Bible la read, 
bat In tbat pray- 
er" til ere la a pe- 
tition that 1 9 used 
by those familiar 
with the English 
Bible, whose 
meaning la not at 
all [rasped, and 
that la, "deliver as 
from evil." This 
would seem to 
mean that all 
about the petl- 
• tlouer there was 
some atmosphere or Influence that 
might contaminate blm. and be Is pray- 
ing that he might be delivered from 
that con taml nation. The revisers of 
the Bible bave rendered splendid serv- 
ice In correcting the translation at that 
point, and In the petition we read, "de- 
liver as from the evil one." Certainly 
Bo scholarly .Interpretation of that 
passage In the original language would 
make It mean less than "deliver ue 
from. the evil"— the definite article In- 
dicating tbat personality Is In mlii'J 
and the translation Is therefore, as 
we And It In the revised version, fully 

If we would give any honor to the 
Srriiitures tbat give us the Lord 
Praj;er. we must give honor to tb 
Scriptures nlsti that teach most clearly 
, concerning the- existence, the character 
the work and the destiny of the devil 
In the scripture devils, or demons, are 
apoken of very frequently. We find 
also that there Is a prince of the de- 
mons, who Is called the devil, or Sif 
tan. or, us in the Greek of the New 
Testament, dlabolos, tbe latter word 
occurring 33 limps. The Use Of the 
term devil, or Sutan, is very frequent, 
as if there was no question of the real 
ity anil the personality referred to, as 
for Instance, in the first chapter oi 
Job, In the Gospels, In the Acts of tbe 
Apostle* and In the QpisUet> 

While the field of opera Hon of the 
devil Is larnely In the- heavenly or up- 
per regions. It la also oa-thia earth, a> 
la pruved hy Job' J :T und 1 1'eter 5:.S. 
tbe latter passage reading, "it..' devil, 
ma a roaring lion, wulketh about, s 
lng whom he may devour." It ta 
proprlate, therefore, that men. prny, 
"deliver ui from the evil one." 

Granting that there is such a being 
on the earth, is be In a dormant or 
active state! Tbe <w&raV Just i 
Inferring that he la walking about 
seeking whom he may devour, would 
prove that he la very alert. Ue la bnsy 
♦very moment, and does not hesitate 
to enter the most sacred places to do 
his diabolical work. If a man la not 
■ stirred up to the commlaalon of aome 
God or man-offending sin, the devil 1* 
Just as busy when he keeps him from 
being Interested In some positively 
righteous aetloa The present slum- 
ber of God'a people In all lands and 
snurchea, It Just as mach tbe work of 
the devil as his activities In countries 
rsvageu by war. The devil takes 
myriad forms in his operation, now 
blinding the eyes of men lest tbe light 
ol tbe glory of the gospel of Christ.' 
who la the Image of Cod. should Hhlne 
onto them; or. whet* he sees the troth 
drop into some needy heart, be at once 
takes It op. as the. bird takes np the 
seed fallen on the beaten pathway ; or. 
- when he knows a man Is receiving the 
troth, .he Immediatelr comes to that 
man and sows the seeds of error In 
bis heart, so that he cannot bear the 
prvpet fruit ; or possibly, he finds one 
of God'a children, most active and effl- 
cIhuI. and he gets In. bis Way as- be 
did with Paul and his companion* on 
more than one occasion. 

Few of those who are In the Bible 
called the children of ihe devil appear 
ts recognise their father. They con- 
stantly do bla bidding osd afterwards 
reap the reward of hi* deception and 
malice. Those who bave become the 
children of God by faith In Jesus 
Christ, are aware of the personality of 
the devil, and are given certain spe- 
cific Instruction* a* to how to deal 
with hEm. They are told to bo vigilant 
and that they are. to resist -him"; when 
b* oppresses them SoimHluus vpry 
bard in order to crash- them, the/are' 
told, not to yield to him ; and lis be 
sometimes appears before tlem Jin a 
fighting attitude, they are told iff fight 


. Probably It may be well to consider 
tbe devil a* concerned 10 the affair* 
of men generally. All the evil in the 
world — war, cruelty, oppression, 
honesty, Baklodiieaa. graft, suspicion. 
Jaslovay. etc. — directly come "fnica the 
devil, who 1* ■ powerful, personal be- 
ing hating Gud sod man. Ills chief 
spit* is rented against Jews Christ. 
It is most delightful to know that s 
day is tossing when the devil will be 
booed, when Jesus will reign on tb* 
earth. After that day be will bw'mt- 
Carty cast out. and this world, now 
cursed slth the result of man'* sin. 
will be a place of delight, not only 
With Bsca bst with beasts «f the held 
and with all the ereatiun a* or* know 






GOLDEN TEXT-Jsma ealth unto htm. 
1 am the way, the- truth, and-tbe lite, no 
man contain unto the fa(u*r. but by me.. 
-John 1*:8. 

The purpose of John's gospel la re- 
vealed in John 20 3L" It was to prove 
that Josus Is the Christ, tbe Son of 
God, and to prove It In auch n way 
that men might' believe- it In their 
hearts,, and thus obtain, thron-di that 
belief, eternal life In his namef There- 
fore the heat method of review for 
the lessons of the past quarter would 
be to go over the lessons one by one, 
and find out bow It la that this great 
troth, vhlch brings life to tOen. J* Il- 
lustrated In each of tbe several les- 
sons. Tbe object of ouch a review 
should be to make Jesua as real to as 
as If wo were with him and his disci- 
ples, and could realise that tbe Word 
la now dwelling among us, full of 
grace and truth, giving dally of his ful- 
ness and "grace for grace." (Ch. 1:14- 
10). Jesus is "the way." the way 
to heaven, the way to all that Is high- 
est and best on 'earth, the way of life, 
tlie way to (he Father, the goal of all 
human nssilratlbna, the way out of all 
human darkness and sin, the way to 
holiness and to God. Jesus Is also the 
truth, the revea'ed troth about God. 
lie revealed tbe forgiveness of God for 
the hIbh of men. the right way of liv- 
ing. Jesus Is the life, tbe source of 
life, the life Itself, tbe true life here 
on earth, and the eternal life which Is 
to abide forever. Thus our entire re- 
view centers about Jesus Christ. It 
would be good to have a map chiefly 
of the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee 
lo use In thin review. 

Lesion I. Jeaua, tb* Lite and Light 
of Man. This la the central truth of 
the gospel. Note tbe pre^exlstence of 
Jesus Christ as die eternal Word, "In 
the beginning with God." Then again 
we see It as plainly showing forth or 
declaring him to be God. We see him 
also as the Creator. of ail things. 

Lesson II. John the Baptist, Tbts 
is a lesson of John'* testimony to Jams 
ss the Son of God ; also that Jesus was 
the Lamb of -God, cterngl. pro-existent, 
tbu One who whs hnptlssd by the Holy 
Ghost, showing as tbe real nature of 
Jesua as the Word of God. ' Describe 
who and what he was und did that 
made him the perfect Savior. 

Lesson 111. The First Disciples of 
Jesua Andrew and phlllp discovered 
the Messiah of whom Moses and the 
prophets did write, and revealed him 
unto Nathaniel, who discovered lu 
Jesus the Son of God and tbe King of 
Israel. Relate how Jesua found these 
dlsdplea, their names and their char- 
acteristics, and why each one was vspe- 
dally fitted for his particular work. 

Lesson IV. His Father's Houle. 
Jesus, manifesting himself' aa the Son 
of God, the Father, was the Ruler of 
God's bouse, and drove from It those 
who defiled It hy making that bouse a 
house of merchandise. 

Lesson V. The Baylor of the World. 
Jeans, as the only begotten Son, of God, 
can give eternal life to those who be- 
lieve on him. Describe the character 
of Nlcodemus, what It tut-iins to be 
born again, and what Is meant by. be- 
ing barn of water and, of the spirit. 

Lesson VI. Tile Woman of Samaria. 
Jeans' declared himself to thl* woman 
as the Christ, and also as the River of 
eternal life; therefore he Was God. 
Referring to the lust lesson. eiuplin*ix« 
what Jexus tuenat by his reference to 
Muses and the brolcn . serpent, and 
bring out- the fact (bat. the water M 
which he speaks Is the gift of everlast- 
ing life. 

Lesson VII. The Nobleman's Son. 
Jesus made bis glory to be *■**> a sec- 
ond time in Cans of Galilee by healing 
■deknesa oltln.ufh not -present n.t the 
bedsidi- of the sick one. Healing and 
faith are co-partners, ' 

Lesson VIII. The Pool of Bsthtsda. 
Again Jetms msnlfesta his |>ower< by 
healing by bis bore word the man who 
hud been Infirm thirty and eight years, 
and who was utterly helpless and hope- 
lea*. Bring out how tbe mull showed 
bis faith. Explain why -Jesus should 
say to him : "Slo no more lest a worse 
thing befall thee." 

Lesson IX. Five Thousand Fed. TH- 
Tine power multiplying the kaVsW and 
flsbe*.. BUv divine prudence in n*M-iub- 
llng'ibe friLguiecta reveals the unques- 
tionable, creative art of tbe power of 
Jesas Christ ;.» perhaps; autie other ot 
bin .-miracles.' Emphasize the part 
which the 'bi>y plajid In co-operating 
with Christ t 

Lsaeon X. th Broad 9' UsSfc'JssSssi 
is the lir.ii-l af Life as well as the giv- 
er of -everlasting Me. lie la the Bread 
■ ■I Life which .cisnetli down from heav- 
en, and the one going to whom we shall 
never huager nor thirst. 

Lesson XI. Jesus Saw** From Sin. 
Jesus. the'Ltght of Us* World, baa pow- 
er to set men free from -sin. and "whom 
thf Son shall make 'free Is fre* in- 
deed." In this lesson we bar* the slav- 
ery of sin SSd tbe freedom ot believ- 

Trse faith I* btult OpM -fact*, and 
those who accept and believe toa tb*** 
tacts t» 

+ + + * + + + + +++* + ++ + + + + + *+ + + + + 

Church Directory 

St. James A. M. E. Church, SL Perd- 
mtiid sal Pendleton Streets — Sunday, 
Suaday -school, »:3D a. 'm. Preaching, 
11 ii. m., and 8 p.m. Yoong Peoples' 
Societies, S to 7:30. Class meeting, 
Tuesday, 8 p. ni. Bev. William H. Peek, 

■Vard Chapel A. M. E. Chureh. Kin- 
Sunday-school, 1:30 p. in.; Thursday, 
^lass meeting, 81OO p. to. J. W. Oar. 
ler, pastor! 
'neh, Mo. — Sunday, Preaching 11 a. m.: 

St. Peters' ,-\. M. E. Church. Elli- 
ot and Montgomery Sis., Sunday! 
Preaching, 11:00 a. rn., and B:0l) p. 
m. Sunday-aclfool, 2 p. B. 

Rev. S. S. Pitcher, pastor. 

St. Marks A. M. E. Zion Chnreh, 
Leflingwell sad Bernard SL — Services 
at 11:00 a. m. Sunday-school at 1:00 
p. m. CUss meeting, Friday evening st 
8:00. Reverend P. W. Alatork, the pas- 
tor, will preach special sermons, morn- 
ing sad evening. 

northern Baptist Chureh, 408 B. B3d 
Btlfsat — Sunday services, prayer meet- 
ing, (5:30 a. m.; preaching, 11:30 a. m., 
sad 8 p. m.; Sun day -school, 1 p. m.; 
BiT. P. C.,.8:30 p. m.; Uission Cirele, 
7:30 p. m_ each Moaday; preaching, 8 
Pl m. each Wednesday; prayer meeting 
B p- in. 'each IVisay. Hev. J. A. Shields, 
faster, residence, 400 S. 23rd. 

Tsbemsele Baptist cnurcn. ITM r'lnt 
It. E^-eschlng Sundays. Ii a. m. ann a 
l. m. tiuaitay-scaooL, 1:1* p. m. a. T- f. 

QUIKN CHAPEL A. M. E. Church, 
321 Bowcn Si. PreochiRgT 11:0(1 a. m. 
and 3:01} p. m. SundaV-ichooL 9:0CI a 
m. Clan meeting, Thdnday, 

Kcv. T. L. Whison, Pastor 

Weils Ave.— Preaching Sundays, 11 a. 
m., and 8 p. m. Sunday School,' 1. p. 
a. aPrsjar meeting, Thursdays, S p. 
m. Bev. E. I. Clsrks, pastor. 

Orant't A. M. E. Church, o7E0 Black 
Ave. — Sunday preaching at 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. Sunday-achool 3 p. m. Mr. 
Blackwell, Supt. Rev. W. H. Pearaaa, 
pastor. Residence 3034 Pine St. 

meeting Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer 
iog Thursday, 8 p. m. Rev. 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday school, 1.-30 p. nt. 

First Baptist Chureh, 1320 Clark 
Ave.— Sunday preaching II a. m. and 
8 p. m. Sunday -school, 0:30 a. m. B. 
T. P. C. 11:30 p. m. Preaching, Wednes- 
day night by local preachers. Prayer 
meeting, Friday 8 p. m. Bev. Wn, O. 
Davia, pastor, 4364 Lucky St. 

First Baptiat Chnreh of Kinloeh 
Mo.-— Suaday, prasehing 11 a. m. and 
1, nu Sunday-school at 18 a. m 
Bihle rtAding at s:30 p. m. Weekly 
BMStings, Tuesdsy sad Thoradsy at 
p. m. Communion, second Sunday in 
each month. Bev. P. Hupto, 
L. Brown, clerk. " 

Leonard Avenue Baptist Churoh: 38 

S. Leonard Ave. — Sunday, Preaching 

11:00 a. m. and 8 p. 'm. Sunday 

School 1:00 p. m. a T. P. C. 0:00 p. 

Praysr Meeting Wedneedsy nifht. 

Eev. P. W. Dunavonl, Psstor, 

1749 Wslnnt. - 

Coriathiaa .Baptist Church, 445 
antelope, Sunday Preaching, 11:00 a. 
av sad 8:00 p. at. Sabbath schnol. 
10:00 s- ss,| R Y. P. U, * p. m. W,.,i 
8 assday: Preaching 1:00 p. m.. Friday: 
Prayer Meetiag, I p. ■, Mission serv- 
Lh, thita Friday, S p. m: Bosinass 
meeting Friday before the fonrth 
Lord's dsy in sash month. Bev. Win. 
linderson. Pastor. 

Union A. M. E. Church, Webste 
B roves— Services at II a. m. and 7:3 
|>. tn. Sabbath School 9 a. .n). ■ Rev 
VV, H. Frarson, Pastor; A. J. Saunders 
Secretary. . . 

Aabury Memorial M. E. Church, 4291 
Cottage Ave. Sunday school, sV30 a 
0s.; preaching 11 s. m. and 8 p. m 
Epworth League, 7 p. m. Class raeet 
lng snd Bible class, Wedu'esdsy, 8 p 
m. Bev. W. W. Qon*, pastor. 



Sunday-school at 10 a. m. Preach 
g 11 a. m. aad 8 p.m. Bible Band 
at" 8:30. Prayer service* Thursday 
Ights. Bev. E: Foster, Pastoi 

Redemption of Souls Spiritual Church. 
SIS N. Beaumont Street. Sunday" 
whoo.1 service 10 a. m.. church seifv 
11- a. m, and 8 p. tn. and messages. 
Meeting at 8. p. m. •Wednesday sp 
Thursday.- Seance at 8 p. m. Tueada 

d Friday. Mrs. Julia Johnson, on 
cle; Rev. James. D. Miller, pastoi 
FTenrv Green, president; Miss A. 1 
Vnorhle*, sseretary. 

Thessalonian Missionary Baptist 
Chureh-— 5^4 Montrose Ave. Suaday. 
prayer meeting a. m. : preaching, 11 
a. m- and' 8 p. ni.; Sunday-school 1 p. 
m.; B. Y. P. D. 0:50; Wednesday. 
preaching 8 p. m.; Friday, prayer meet- 
Lng'8 p. in . Misitionary Society, first 
and third Tuesday in each'montb- ai ? 
p. m. Bev. David Tyl«r^ pastor.' 

Second Baptist Church, Sin loch 
Park— Preaching, Sundaya, 11 a. in. 
and 8 p. m.; Sunday-school, 1 p. tn.^ 
Weekly meetings, Wednesday aad Fri- 
days, 8 p. m. Rev. Timothy Font, 012 
B.. Osrrisoa Ave., St. Louis, Pastor. 

Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1429 
12th Street — Preaching every Sua- 
day, 11 a. m., 3 p. m. and 8 p. m.; 
Sunday -achoo I, 1 p. m.; B. Y. P. C, 0:30 
p.' m.; Mission Circle, fourth Sunday 
in each month. Rev. D. W. Morria, 

Antioch Baptist Chureh, North Mar 
it and Good* Ave. Preaching, Sun- 
days at 11 k. m. and 8 p. m.' Sunday 
School at 1 p. m. B. T. P. V. at 8:30 
l Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 
8 p. m. Communion Services, Second 
Sunday in each month. Bev. Wm. L. 
Parry, M. D. Psstor. 

Third Corinthian Baptist Church 
lltb and Biddle ■ treats. — Sunday 
prayer meeting, 5 p. m. Preaching, il 
a, m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sundsi 
school, 1 p. m. Prayer meeting, Toes 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night 
Fourth Sunday in each month Coven 
ant and Communion. Rev. J. W. Ball 
pastor; H. C. Crosby, clerk; Pete 
<-'. 1 '.■;■■. :;. treasurer. 

Providence Baptist Church, Kenner 
ly and Pendleton A venae*. — Sun dsy, 
preaching 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sun- 
day school, 1 p. m. B. Y. P. TJ. 7 p. 
m. Prayer meeting," Friday 8 p. m. 
Covenant and Lord 'a Supper, fourth 
Sunday. 3 p. m. Mission Circle Prayer 
Meeting third Friday, 8:30 p. m. Rev. 
E. Calvin Cole, pastor, 3121 Fair Ave. 

Mt. Olive Baptist Churoh No. I, 1408 
Morgan St. Sunday, prayer masting, 

i ». m.; preaching, 11 a. m., 3 p. m. and 
i:30 p. m, Sunday-school, 1:80 p. in. 
Prayer mVtlng and Mission Cirri*, 
Tuesday night. Prayer and prals* 
meeting, Friday night. Third Sunday 
in each month Covenant meeting. 
Fourth .Sunday communion.. B*v. A. 
Pifkson, -pastor, Thomas Miller, clerk. 

sprarruAxisT chtjborbs 

Spiritual Christian Union Church. 
Z7S7 Lswton Avenue, Sundays 8 p. m, 
Fridays, 8 p. m. J. 8. Weathcrford. 
rector; Mrs. M. Owens, assistant and 


The - Christian Spirilualist Church D.s 
moved from 2.1.31'a Wash St., to 917 N\ 
Leonard Avenue. * Services every 
Taesday and Friday nt 8:00 p. tn. 
i»tch Hndiamont ear, get off st 3.100 
Franklin Ave.,, walk aorth to 917 V. 
I-sonsrd Ave., Mr, and Mrs. Crenkshaw. 

- "V 

Pag« 7 

Mourn Zion Baptist Church, 2624 
Papin'St, Sunday; Preaching, 11:00 
a. m. ,and 8:00 p. m , Sunday-school 
IJO p. m. Prayer mecling, Friday, 
1:00 p, m. 

Dr. J. Douglass Jlerben, Pastor. 

Luthern Church, 1701 Morgan St- — 
Sunday preaching 8 p. in. Snaday- 
school 3 p. m. Cateehetlc-sd lastroe- 
tion, Thursday,. 8 p. m: Tay Sobool, 
-■very dsy. a. m.— 3 p. m. Be*. O. A. 

The Church of Ood and Saints -of 
'"ariat, 40fiJ Finney Avenue— Services 
Soaday at 7:30. Wednesday at 7:30. 
Prjday at 7:30 Salurday (Sabhsth^ at 
t'l a. m. and rest of the dsy. Elder J. 
Ft. Aodersun, poslor 



Take cart of your complexion — 

and s/ou* complexion uil lake care 0/ you. 
Choose pure aids, choose crime 
pure. daihtv. toilet chum that has i 
the test for year3- 

"Maket the akin like velvet' 

, HMD toe so* uaos aswn.4 


Tinsni br rssrsncs'i Ailv. AssdiS- I'M 



Try The Argus 

Belt, Bopiont 

C. M. WILkjNfr 

Ice and Wood, Coal By the Basket or Ton. 

Ash Hauling and Express ~ 


Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Outfit 


s.,iui 11,.... convex trrri 

bAi. .... ,1 lUllfr 7.1 < «■•«■ 
foslss* PUdiar.S 
Lrnclh. •>* Hi. WtHU,!;... 

GUKT-CQHB, both for 1.30 

•rr.,r,if Anr-hnc In U: S 

WOLF BROS. 1214 ((.Senate Ave., Indianapolis, Intl., U.S.A. 

Advertise in Argus 

a insure YourTeeth 

B Better than the 
{JjiiJ dentifrice ^you 

- 1 vivaudc; 



Saturday, March 24 

Smnl.iv, Much 2S 


V master pfOdu'ntioB nf the la< 

.1 before the any* wf civilian 



Monday. March 26 
A photoplay with a purpose. 

Every Monday— Mrs. 'Vernon Castle 
in ^Pulrin," also Hum and Itn-i Com- 

.fcvery Tuesday— " Pearl' oi th 
Army" and Keystone Comi'diw. 

Every Wednesday — ■ ' Grant, Polio 
Reporter. " *" Secret Kingdom " and 
other*. , 

, Betty Thursdav— ■ ' He* trice Fair 


' Every Wednesday 


Featuring Mill Helen Holmes 


Thia elegant "9 room hntel hu opened 
under new management. A nice .hotel 
for family or transient 'u»e. Newly dee,- 
orated end. has 1<1 bath*. ' *l*Bni heat. 
Rate* reasonable. Rev. N. A. Mitchell, 
proprietor, EMS Morgan (treat, 8t 
. I.oui*, Mo. ['hone Britnonl 1S77, 

Everyone in jt«itftf to aH the new 
moving pictures 'at "ItlKO" COL 
LEGE, Friday ni a ht, March lOth, at 
.St. James A. M. ¥.. Church. Cor. St. 
Ferdinand and Pendleton At** 


Every Sunday evening. New man- 
agement .lamp* L. Hall and .Tar •- 
White, sueceaior* to Prof. J. C. Lucky. 
Music by Academy Orchestra' Ladies 
admitted free.. Qenta, IS eeuU. All 


If yon want a home cooked, Sunday 

dinner, atop .at Swan* Candy Kitchen 

We aerve lunch .in. •■ . Dinner everv 



Hat* midt to natch toy costume. .1», 
blocked. Any design copied. Shape? 
for tale, trimmed free. Price* reason 
abl* Mr. Wm Meetlin. 4*T 1 *t_ Fer.l 




Ym nwc bring thia ads-. 


t. yA -tea N. -Ot crti. Met „*, «„. 
a> t e ni ae* * asyau. ho. u am ik. dm " 

c«q i « ■■ !« ■ 


aaasasat asa aaa*. at wrfj „ a 

•a awm. Jf m<. •»« erf aj f..a>. *, „ 

■mac. rUan. M a. 1: *— 4... is t. J. Wsa. 

it£. V rtsassw. ate' asnasW*"^ *■** 

"*S124 EASTON Avir 


b» n. t. it. i , 



The Whitman Bister*. and Company 
ajfl ]iacking the Booker Waahtagton 
Theater again thin week with their aec-. 
•■till edition of jingling music, uprightly 
■ lances mid smart saying*. The show 
i- merely :i eorlglctmerntiun of fun and 
frolic. Alice Whitman tho boy* 
are again (tarring with their inimit- 
able ilanfes and the balance of the rant 
ii sharing in' the comedy. and excellent 
vocal number*. There i* something 
lively doing every minute and the audi- 
ence is kept »» a high pitch of enthusi- 
asm, i^andwicbed between the music 
and dancing nrc several little comedy 
sketches. These. Ineluiie, "Paying Ihe 
Cnrfare," "A Theatrical Rehearsal," 
an, I a playlet by the entire company en- 
titled "Going to War.''' fenturing Misa 
Alberta Whitman in a tuneful melody, 
"I Want Sue." The company has 
made a decided hit here. Tho dancing 
in far above the average, even the ec- 
centric U artUtic. The engagement 
cloies Sunday night. 

/Comet Odeon Specials 

21s| and Market 


Tuesday, March 27 

N«v«r Shown Before For Leas Than 25c 


big vaudeville 
it week's bill', 
i-k Clifford wil 

The Eternal City" 




Sarah Yen able 

id dance sku 

jf real 

id Jackson appear in a barrel 
Hattie Akere will be remem 
the former favorite little son 
I the "Smart Set" Cpni]iony 
cr act.- will round-out a bll 


A new tJalveml'aezUl, "The Voice 
mi tfio Wire,!' will atari nt the Booker 
Washington theater Mnuduy night. 
April 1'i. Thi« in another inyMery 
phut" play with .thrilling incidents. nnd 
desperate deeds. It ia a gripping de- 
teclivi! story tracing rx&iting clues of 
11 pwultar agency ralleil "Sen-Si Vao." 
nhieh cau.-e.-i the Bcatk'oi a number of 
i«iiple. It proniiicfl to be the mint 
sensational of all photo serials. "The 
Voice On the Wire," will keep von 

hi, I Company, waak April 3. 

llert Murphy, "'Thia Very Dog," April 

16 e/ii.i Hilly Higgina, April il. 



The Biggest and Beat with its $7,000 Orchestration equal to 
9 pieces of good orchestra, including Pipe Organ. 

itifi.Uj »« ...i ■.,. ihat w« l-.v,. i! .■ 


A Triangle^ — —Kay Bal Drama 

Thnmaa H. Inge Production 

A Keyatone Comedy 

A Tarn Mix Western Dnune . 

And One Seal Detective Drama 


A World Feature) 

Tho Girl Prom Prlaco 


A Pox Wonder Play and the 

Crimeon Stain 


A Vitagraph Supper ProdoetioD 

And 'Die Scarlet Banner 


Triangle Drama, A Kenton 

Comedy and Beatrice Fairfax 


Pathe Oold Kootter Feature 

than the Iron Claw 


A Fox — Powerful Drama and the 

"The Shielding Shadow,' 

Yellow Uaoaee. 

II. We 



iTialleugr," which will be shown at the 
New Movie Theater Sunday, March E& 
It is full of action and dramatic situn- 
[mns. It includes a ac'ene in 
Klii<li a card shark is shown up. The 
arrest and cnnvtctiiui nf the. hern: the 
"lan of a giant engineering project, to 
mirk: the holdup; the rescue of a 
man whS has fallen over a cliff; and 
tlio jump from a bridge to a fast mov- 
ing irain. It is produced by. Donald 
Vm K.'nrie wh.i fi| responsible for the 
win..l.-rful "-Iron Claw" serial. 

he Comet Odeon announces thr 
photo-play features for the ne 

jre. ■ "The Star of Betlilehem, . 

-day, March 27; "The .Eternal' 

,-." April J and "An Alien," A 
The Inst twu have never 1 

11 n before fur less than Uj e 



(he Sri 

Prepared." . the 
[ Set -is pre- 
Theater this 

icck ia practically the same 
■licorge Washington Bullion Abroad, 
kcir laak e-asnn's The pluL. - 
cc n cry,-. cost u flies and construction an 
ilentical Pieept that the cause for ae 
ion ia a AilitarV eipo'dition instead ol 


d the chorus is gi*id, si^veral piece* 
iitg artistiiatly pp'senled, The- com- 
ny has b*m weakened, by the. losa 
eome of its best performer*. There 
t ' no. buc't dancers. Salew Tutt 
Whitney hold, his own as a comedian. 
■T Homer Turt- is still the dandy mas. 
he Thompson is a> winsome as 
and. atil! possesses a remarkably 
ut the does" not seen) to 
The talented 
lost spirit. 
Uattie Ak4r* i> sot' with the ( ,»riy. 
but her puce in being acceptably lluid 
by Juaaifa. Hicks. Ealelle Cash, a St. 
Lofis girl, i- eonsB^euoaaly artistic in 
siaging. dancing and p-ctinj;. 'Blanche 
"'Billie" Young, another St. .Louis girt 
is mnrb in thr limelight, sweetie May. 
• iff of "Siringbeana.'' has a featar* 
number and Peewee Williama, the trick 
juggler, gets an inking, .Othrr* La the 
cast include: AL P. Wetta, Dave Lis 
tun and Emma Jack hoc. Home of the 
io t ended ■ atrong point* in the produc 
<™ »>• diaappolniing beeaaaa the> 
are mere imitations *.f last seu»a> fee- 

The Whitman -Sttters sad Company 
carry their own .mVaral alreetar. .Eu 
geat Diakasaa, who 



AUGUST 19th To 25th 

• » — 

19ih Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Calanthe and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

Juri.diction, N.A., S. A., E., A., A., and A. 



Soavenir Program. Country Store Barber Shop 

Re^nnrwt official Photo.. ftt«M&i 

M.10M i M Crenni Chewing Gum. Pop Cora nnd Cuxiy 

And 26 more food conceaeton. ud Addre-i .1! comwunie.tion. 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 

- Chairman Secretary 

3141 Lawton Ave. - St. Louis, Mo. 



Prealdent nf Baxkj aJid Watklns 
Basket Coal Co. 

They have four big Coal shed*: No. 5 
S..Ewine, 22J B. I-efdngwflf, 4« S. 
Le Hi new ell and .T10 S. Ewing. Hank* 
ia one of St. Louis' most auccessfnl 
men. They ran 4 ash wagon* and 7 
coal wagons, daily. Will deliver ' 13 
basket* of coal to any part of the. city 
for J 1.00. Haul ashes from any part 
uf the town for $i.2S per load. Bunks 
ha*, sold more basket* of coal than any 

10 basket coal dealer* in the city since 
September. In September we sold IB,- 
000 baiketa of coal at 10 centa per bas- 
ket, October, IS.50O, November, 21,-OQO, 
December. 23,0!MI; in January, nt 3 fi 
23 .cents. 13 for #1.00, 88 for (3.00; 2-i 
00O were sold. Pebrnary, 33,122. 

Brfnka and Watkin* are ready for ice 
customer* now and will be when the 
hot month* come. Phone your orders 
in. Banks and Watkins, 310 ft Ewing 
Ave., main office. Phone, Bomoat 752 

Word came to St. Louis thia 
lat "Buddy Lomni," of the tei 
""in and Watts, had been at 
i denth in Chicago. The cause 
ot bcslearned. 

A number of St.' Louis baseball ; 
•Tt returned from Palm Beacft 
week and report-. a prosperous sc 
Ihere. The local boys played on 
" Breaker*''- team 'and lost the e, 
pionship to Rube Foster's outBtbv 

Special metis Sundays and holidar*. 
Extra meals if wanted. Sunday din- 
ner served from S to 7 p. m. Mrs. Ilei- 
tis Jefferson, propeietor, 3037 Lawion. 

A series of motion pictures will be 
shown in St Lonia and vicinity be- 
ginning Maret, 3 as fellows: Every 
Monday night at St. James M. Ei 
Church,. 4812. Papin. Even Tuesday 
night at St. Peten, A. M. E. Churah; 
Elliott and' Montgomery St*. Evesy 
Wednesday night at Newport, III., K. 
of P. Hall. Every Thursday night^ 
kljn, IB, TjlUjnj School Eiery 
Priday night (t True Light Baptist 
Olfurrh, East St. I. ■■:■::•. 

These picture* are specially sclc-ted 
to suit the occasion'. Cbaa. Allmoii, «»- 

Mme. OalkouB. hair apeeiaUat, £»tT 
Lawton. i* offering .peeial indneements 
to all new patrons. Phone, Bomoat 

Position .Wanted 

Ambitious young man wants a pranV 
tuio with an nadertaker with chance to 
learn embalming. Address Argu* of- 
nee, Box. 3, S341 Market St 

You era mrdiallT iavited te attune] 
the A..C. E. at Waymia Chapel Afat 
E. Church every Sondes at S:Wi p m. 
Mr*. 8. & Woodfolfc,, President; Bee. 
*. E. Dobbiaa, Pastor 

Don't forget "POBO" 'XlI.I.KiIE 
Movie* at St. Jnatee A. X. E. Chores*; 

corner Peadieton and St. Ferdinand 
Avesu, Friday night. March 30th. 


Green has found it. Positivaly tif 
it- A sure core for rheumatism, i 
ralgia, hoadaehe*. pain* in the back 

and side, indigestion, cots, burns, 
bruiaea. (or* throat, bed cold, er 
eoKe, etc. 

And an excellent remedy for donehee. 
These fact* are vrnlled by many teati 
monies of both rase*. 

Agent* wanted everywhere. Per par- 
ticular* call or writ*, A. B. Ore en, MSB 
Wagoner Ave..' St. Looia, Mo. 


Girl*, ladies, be independent and 
(elf'iapporting. Earn J|3 to IS ■ day 
or evening nt home in yonr (pare 
time. Learn the Modern Art uf Beauty 
Culture. Learn Artistic Hnirdresaing, 
Mnni caring. Shampooing, Face Mas 
aage, Scalp Treatment. How to weave 
and manufacture hair. How to make 
Switches, Comet Braids, Pompadour*, 
Puffs, Front Pieces, Pin Priixers, 
Transformations, Bang*, etc. Straight. 
ening. Bleaching. Marcel Wave, Singe- 
ing, Dyeing, etc How to be a lady i 
maid. Mine. DeCnxvoQ, an old experi- 
enced and welf known ksirdresser 
Beanty Colturiat, will teach you the 
French and American Art of Hairdreaa- 
ing and Beauty Culture in her Blue 
Book. The lesson.* are plain and sim- 
ple. This Is an op port unity for every 
ambition*, girl to learn an honorable 
and dignified profession and start on 
the road to ' (nee***. Every woman 
(henld have n copy. For s limited 
time the price of thia booh has been 
reduced to SS. Send your order to the 
Ideal Company, Baa 70, Statioa Q., 
New York City. 

FOR RES'Ti-Furniaoed room to e 
gentleman. In private family 3631 Cox- 
ae ne Avenue. 

alee, warm, fundament 

the Argac and get re- 

CABANY 1348 

Mme> Lindsey J^ 

Colored Trance Spiritealtii 
She can tell you what yoa would 

like tti : 


T.kt W.ll,t... Hswiltsa. "Kb. 

■ know' 
i iiutruct yoa in nil your 
baajne*. matter* . 

From 7:» .. *,. to *:,1) B . m , 

6152 Mitiervt Ave., - Well*. too 

I. Eirk«Hd-F.r ( i.» aU St.CUrl.i Cara 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe 
Works. Wages $2.35 per 
day for regular men who 
will wbrk steadily six days < 
per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 

Blackmer & Post Pipe Co. 

. Arsenal and Oak Hill 

Wanted Colored Men 

For work at Sewer Pipe Works. Wages 
$2.35 per clay for regular men who will 
work steadily six days per week. 

Skilled Men Higher Wages 
Evens & Howard Fire Brick Co, 

: 52H Mnncheiter Avenue 


Adnce giyen in nil matters of 
Life. Give. Luck in Business, 
and Specula ;i*tia. Law Suits. 
Settle Lover 'a Quarrels, aa-iner. 
*e para ted tageiher, make* 
peace and haepineea in family. 


Ft*n*MM Te-t-f 

*^ AT TEX *tfsMn 

William L. Haaeey, proprietor of the 
Alabama SitPhen and Grill Boom at 
1039 X Whittier, U pre*nUng th. 
Inny patrons with valnnble aouvenira 
on Monday ajghtn. Each, lady viaiting 
the place on souvenir night gets one 

We Buy and Sell. Pups, 
Canaries, Parrots. Etc. 

CaJI cat write 

Nejw Bird ami Dog Store 

3111 OawSt- a, ,„,_